HyperX Cloud II – One of the Best Gaming Headsets Gets Even Better

FanBolt writes: "It wasn’t long ago that I fell in love with the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset. It is a headset that is incredibly stylish, so much so that the packaging is also impressive upon opening. The Cloud is also comfortable and sounds great for a headset that now only costs $79.99. Gamers won’t regret purchasing the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset at all. It’s amazing.

Now we have the release of the new HyperX Cloud II."

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R3ddSaiyan2363d ago

Just pre-ordered these :). But hte black & Red combo!

HaveAsandwich2363d ago

black and red. couldnt get any worse than that. i bought the hyperx cloud a couple months back on sale. great set, other than that stupid color combo. black on white was 20 bucks more....

R3ddSaiyan2363d ago

Ok? Did i ask for your opinion on my color preference you ass?

JamesBondage2363d ago

It's possible he thought you meant you hate the black & red combo.. When you misspelled "the" it looks like hate without the a

reko2363d ago

Ordered the gun metal one last week hehe

Maxor2363d ago

Too bad I can't get this for the PS4 because sound quality is superb.