7 Best Games of PS4 You Must Have in 2015

When Sony announced PS4 they promised that there will be some really good games of next-gen for the players and they did it pretty well, now with more than a year since its launched and players had very good experience on PS4, with some pretty decent games.

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jonsalex1978d ago

Must buy destiny and shadow of mordor.

1978d ago
ISHU1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Good list

Simco8761978d ago

Out of all these....Black Flag. Ever wanted to live the life of a pirate? Perfectly fits. It's the best pirate game ever made IMO, and brings back so many memories of Pirates GOLD!

starchild1978d ago

Yeah, such a good game. Sailing the Caribbean and exploring all those islands was so cool.

Personally, I also really enjoyed AC Unity.

NeoTribe1977d ago

Yeah the boat gameplay was amazing. I didnt want to get off it because than i realized i was playing assasins creed again...

Palitera1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Infamous Second Son? Really? UGH! I don't recommend it to anyone.
i1 - 85
i2 - 83 (I disagree, it's the best imo)
SS - 80
FL - 73

What the hell happened to you, Sucker Punch?


I'd put Dying Light, Strider, Diablo and Wolfenstein on the list and probably Resogun as #1, specially given its cost benefit.

theDivision1978d ago

Dying light is definitely entertaining that is true. Wish there was split screen though that would really push the game to the next level for me.

Palitera1978d ago

They can't. They need dat graph1c sw4g, brah!

But I agree with you. I'd surely prefer a much worse looking game that I could play on couch coop.

theDivision1978d ago

I see the issue with it. Still can't help but wish I could enjoy it at the same time as my brother and roommates instead of taking turns playing the same portion and then watching 2-3 other people do it.

IAmTheBest351978d ago

these are the best games ps4 has to offer? lol. no wonder i dont have one.
seriously though, if people keep mindlessly buying these things, then theyre not going to have much of a reason to offer anything better. just something to think about, guys.

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