Capcom 'still loves DmC and it will always be one of our cherished franchises.'

Spending time exclusively with Examiner, Capcom Producer Rey Jimenez explained that Capcom isn’t giving up on “Devil May Cry” any time soon, and is committed to bringing back fan favorites, as well as enhancing what’s already there.

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yewles11986d ago

DmC specifically... yuck.

Sevir1986d ago

Good to see that they haven't abandoned it. It in my opinion is an excellent game and a great cohesive and better explained Devil May Cry game. Relaunching it this early in the new gen's life cycle leaves the room open to properly establishing this new take. I hope to Capcom continues its partnership with NT and that a DmC2 is on the way. The potential is there and with proper guidance the Sequel can definitely be elevated to the levels of DMC3. Definitely buying this Day One on PS4 because I thoroughly enjoyed it on PS3 and I want to experience it at 60fps with turbo mode and all the added changes. Bring it NT and Capcom. Oh and I can't wait to see DMC4 remastered.