New PlayStation Store deals: Call of Duty, Alien Isolation, DLC discounts, more

PlayStation Blog:" Hi everyone. Make sure you visit PlayStation Store this week to check out some great savings on the Call of Duty franchise, a whole range of DLC, a bunch of great digital titles, all topped off with our deal of the week."

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Assassingamer1361982d ago

Seriously type in that it's for European users it's annoying clicking these articles only to waste my time.

Snookies121982d ago

Yeah, sales should always include EU, US, or JP in the titles.

thekhurg1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Your hint would be " "

WeAreLegion1982d ago

It doesn't show that on the front page. You have to click to get the URL.

thekhurg1982d ago

It's directly below "Read full story >>"

lol @ the disagrees for blindness

Assassingamer1361981d ago

Wow you really don't get it. When you see this article in the news feed of n4g along with other articles, you must click on this one to get to this page with the comment section you are in now to see the url under read full story. You're simply getting disagrees because it seems you're the only one that comprehend what people are saying.

1982d ago
MegaRay1982d ago

Write EU or NA next time.

TWB1982d ago

Gotta pick that 50% off Alien Isolation season pass. I didnt really plan on getting it unless it was on a sale after realizing that Crew Expandable DLC kinda sucked... (as it was way shorter than I thought, took me like 30-45 mins)