Most Anticipated 360 RPGs of 2007

For Day Two of TeamXbox's Most Anticipated 360 Games of 2007 feature, they check out one of the most beloved (and most argued about) genres in gaming: RPGs.

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ImTheNumber124342d ago

It's kind of annoying when websites do the most wanted games when it's a biased website. It would be like if a sony site did most wanted fps games and discluded halo and crysis. We need some more sony and nintendo love. FF13 should be on that list regardless of system.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

Its in the 360 section, Its ment to be news for 360 fans not PS3.

ImTheNumber124342d ago

Thanks for reading my comment...and what I mean by that is thanks for not understanding what I wrote at all. You didn't get the actual point of what I was saying. I know it's the 360 section it's the fact that a site do most wanted games when they have to leave out games for other systems. If this was a different console most wanted list I bet you would be complaining that it doesn't have any of the good 360 games on it, but thanks again for proving to me that you're an a$$.

jdktech20104342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

You know this was created by an xbox website right. It kinda makes sense they would only look at xbox games. Last time I checked a Sony website wasn't giving Microsoft games any love. Just an observation though.

ImTheNumber124342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

That's the point i'm trying to make. Why do websites make most wanted articles when they have to ignore other systems. They pretty much named every rpg for the 360 as most wanted. There's no sense in doing a most wanted when it only includes one console and it has every rpg for that one console in it. It's like only being able to vote for republicans in an election. Why isn't there a site that is in the middle, that doesn't pick sides. Even sites like gamespot and and ign pick sides and are biased. This site even has it too. Sorry about the flaming I just thought I was making a valid point.

p.s. you might not read opm but it's almost like they enjoy 360 more than ps3. they usually say something good about the 360 version every time I read about a multi-platform game.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

its 360 news in the 360 section. Why would you complain of to much 360 news in the 360 section? If you want more news from other systems try the other sections. If you cant find the news your looking for, go find a website grab the news and bring it back here. Now excuse me while I go the Wii section and b!tch about all the damn Wii news. Oh yea I know I'm an A$$. Have you been here long? everyone are A$$es here.

ImTheNumber124341d ago

It's not news, It has no relation to news. I am a 360 fan and still, that article didn't even tell me what the most wanted rpgs are, it told me all the rpgs for 360. If mass effect is a less wanted game than eternal sonata and apb than something is wrong.

power of Green 4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

Most Anticipated 360 RPGs of 2007
Most Anticipated 360 RPGs of 2007

Most Anticipated 360 RPGs of 2007

Most Anticipated 360 RPGs of 2007

ImTheNumber124341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

They listed ALL 360 RPGs of 2007

They listed ALL 360 RPGs of 2007

They listed ALL 360 RPGs of 2007

Thus defeating the purpose of having a most wanted list.

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DeathNote14342d ago

360 needs to step it up and offer actual interesting rpg's.. all of those are crap.

zonetrooper54342d ago

Deathnote1 have you played any of those RPGs or are you just a biased fanboy trying to gain attention.

DeathNote14342d ago (Edited 4342d ago )

it's hard to play unreleased games. as far as the one's that are sequels like fable. yes. fable 2 is the only promising game listed there. as far as the mmorpg's, tho it has the name rpg in the title, it's a whole different type of gameplay with not much storyline involved. APB could be casual fun, but storylines are everything. to me at least. without an appealing storyline, rpg's are nothing. and none of the storylines appeal with attractive characters in these upcoming rpg's.

power of Green 4342d ago

That's your taste!; it doesn't account for the Millions who are going nuts for some of these games.

If you like the standard RPG's that's fine but to call a fairly new sub-group of rpg's crap because you think RPG means running around with a 500 pound sword with 15 minutes of cut scenes every 10 minutes is stupid.

Mass Effect uses guns instead of swords and that makes it less of a rpg?.

It's funny the different styles always throw Sony fanboys off they judge 360 games based off of an decade old mind set of what games should be and the people that actually play 360 games can never go back to the place PS fans are.

MicroGamer4341d ago

I have to agree with your statement about MMORPG's. When Everquest first came out, there was a story line and quests that fed it for all the races. As time went one, and Sony took more and more control away from the original devs, they turned it into an expansion mill and all the storyline continuity went out the window. All it is now is raid, raid, raid. There is no immersion there anymore. WoW has tons more quests and gives you a better feeling of accomplishment when you do them. None of this, bring me three dragon toenails and I'll give you this cloth wristband crap.

Lex Luthor4342d ago

Quality RPGs in that list. I don't know how deathnote can say they are lame. IMO White knight Story looks lame but it might improve,as theres plenty of time before the game is released.

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