Season Pass sale hits EU PSN

Sony has reduced a range of PS3 and PS4 Season Passes in a new PSN sale, offering big discounts on DLC for Far Cry 4, Trials Fusion, Shadow of Mordor and more.

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lmao2471981d ago

Destiny IMHO is a game that could use a Season Pass Sale, I Think the game was great but was lacking in ways Im not going to discuss in a comment. The DLC is rumoured not to fix very much of it and add minimal content, but it is some of the most expensive DLC out there. I know my friends would love me to be able to enjoy Dark of the Moon and Wolfs Den DLC but I wont pay full price for those.

jackanderson19851981d ago

100% the same way... wanna jump into the expansion packs but they're way overprice...

kayoss1981d ago

Totally agree, Destiny DLC are one of the most expensive DLC to date. @19.99 a pop, you will be spending more than $100 for this game when its all said and done. I bought my game off of craigslist and it came with the first DLC code for $45, I dont think i will be buying the next DLC.

lmao2471981d ago

I am Really happy you guys agree with me, I am just wondering where the Disagrees are coming in for all of us, We are all stating non biased opinions about wanting to enjoy destiny at a cheaper price.

jmd7491980d ago

@Imao247 I can only assume that there are lots of Sony shareholders here that hate the idea of anyone not paying premium price for playstation products. I commented before about hoping that some games(like transistor) get released this year on PSN+ and got an avalanche of disagrees.

spacedelete1981d ago

why are people still playing Destiny ? that game got boring in just a few hours. Destiny is the facebook or Twitter of gaming. completely pointless and a waste of time.

lmao2471981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I agree that it is a minor waste of time. Pointless not so much, but my completionist side of me would love to see the new content for a fair price, because the game play is great, story and depth is lacking.

DanielGearSolid1981d ago

Every hobby is technically a waste of time.

It's not like you're conquering world hunger when you play tetris VS when you play destiny

kayoss1981d ago

Have you tried playing MMO? Its pure grinding and leveling up. I like Destiny because it MMO and FPS smashed into one. But its the multiplayer that brings me back. When i went sony, one thing i really missed playing was Halo. Destiny play very similar to Halo.

Xavior_Reigns1981d ago

Because people have different opinions. It got boring for you supposedly in a matter of hours, it got boring for me after a month. For others it'll take longer if at all. One's opinion is not fact in almost anything.

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kurruptor1981d ago

I wish these submissions would put the region in the title or at least in the body.

GokuSolosAll1981d ago

I also wish these articles noted region. They don't for clicks.

Anyway, I want a Telltale Season Pass Sale.


None of those seem worth it, sale or not I could pass on all of it, and if content was cut out of the game to pad out the passes, I'd pass on the entire game.

kayoss1981d ago

I think so far DriveClub DLC's are free. Not sure about future ones.

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