Takashi Sensui’s Last Day

When a console fails, it's up to someone to take responsibility, and Microsoft was no different. But what goes through the head of a man who didn't know why the boat sank? AUTOMATON's Peter Martin conjures his own vision for what happened on the day Takashi Sensui stepped down as head of Xbox Japan.

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sarshelyam2921d ago

To be fair, he was running up the side of a mountain made of mud and baby oil.

PiNkFaIrYbOi2921d ago

Hey Japan also has Nintendo so it has competition between Sony and Nintendo, Microsoft is just a useless third wheel there.

Not to mention consoles are not as big there as they once were. Though in the Xbox case it is extremely worrying compared to either PS4 or Wii U.

Jubez1872921d ago

I want you to know, that on Feb 4th, 2015, you were downvoted for no reason at all seeing as you spoken nothing but fact.

PiNkFaIrYbOi2921d ago

Eeeee, it happens all the time. Fanboyism is alive and rampant.

NarooN2921d ago

It was a virtually impossible task for him. Xbox in Japan has never been crazily successful as it was in other markets. It's a cultural thing mainly -- they can be really nationalistic over there, so they'd gravitate more towards Sony and Nintendo, two Japanese-born companies. Plus Xbox doesn't really have a lot of the types of games most Japanese tend to prefer, so there's that.

Hope he can rebound from this.

Neo_Zeed2921d ago

Now who is gonna step up and take responsibility for the continuing failure since Lord Spencer has taken the reigns? Who are they going to blame for his inability to save the Xbone? Who will take the fall in his place?

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