Classic Konami RPGs released on PSN EU

MWEB GameZone writes: Konami has released two of their classic RPG titles on PSN Europe today. Here are the details.

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plut0nash1987d ago

Great to see some old games returning to new platforms. How many ports of old games are worth doing, though?

Sillicur1987d ago

There are quite a few old games that are worth porting. The thing is, but for them to work I believe the game has to have an amazing story that makes up for poor graphics. Thankfully, these games do!

plut0nash1987d ago

I've no issue with less than stellar graphics. Some of the best games I've played looked crap. My question is more related to how much time should be spent moving code over, as opposed to making great new ones more often. If we saw more games like the old Thief and System Shock, I bet that newer games would be far more attractive and interesting.

Not saying that all new games we see are crap, mind you. Very few have kept me as immersed as some of the great oldies :)

PoSTedUP1987d ago

i agree plut0. my retro side has taken over my gaming the last 3-4 years. back then there were 15 amazing games for every 2 crappy ones, just like CD albums, where the whole album was great. now its the opposite, youre lucky to get 2 great songs on an album worth playing and amazing games trickle out here and there.

caseh1987d ago

Suikoden is one of the most revered RPGs of the past 20 years. If a game stacks up to these of titles, it's worth releasing.

Sillicur1987d ago

Indeed, I cant believe it is actually been 20 years since the game's launch. Now i simply have to replay the game :) Happy bday JRPG franchise :)

slappy5081987d ago

WHich platforms is this coming on? Ps4, ps3, vita?

Sillicur1987d ago

PS Vita, PS3 or through your PlayStation TV. Not entirely sure about the PS4 yet but i see now reason why it shouldnt jump on there as well.

slappy5081987d ago

Oh cool, luckily I have a vita (which I havent used much) but Im curious to see what the fuss about this game is about. I never played rpg's back in the day!

LightDiego1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

It says "that article is missing".
Edit: now it's okay, sorry.

Sillicur1987d ago

Yah its up hey :) Have you played any of the game on the PS One back in the day? Im gonna enjoy playing these games again !

HanCilliers1987d ago

Can anyone explain the delay between the US & EU PSN? Why do EU subscribers receive this months after the US?

caseh1987d ago

Couldn't say why but its always been the same since way back to the 16-bit consoles. Not as bad as it was back then mind, seeing a Japanese game in a magazine meant you were looking at a good 12 month wait as it would always hit NTSC regions first then us EU peasants would eventually get the game...if we were lucky.

Malice-Flare1987d ago

ok Konami, how about a Suikoden Legacy HD collection with 1,2,3,4 & 5 for PS4? and get. Bluepoint to do it, not the guys who did the Silent Hill HD collection...

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