Reddit user beats Elite Four with two level one Pokemon

When Reuben first beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Omega Ruby, he was fairly proud of himself. Except, apparently that accomplishment doesn’t mean jack, as the Elite Four can be beaten with only two level one Pokemon. Reddit user Zertolurian, who has previously defeated the Elite Four with various single Pokemon teams, has finally completed the ultimate challenge. Using their team of a level one Skarmory and level one Pineco they managed to sweep the final battlers.

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yuukiliu1351d ago

I beat the elite four in Pokemon X with just Xerxes, because that mofo is OP.

GokuSolosAll1351d ago

It's easy to do this, just tedious.

Captain_Wormy1351d ago

Not bad, mate. I beat the Elite Four in B2 with just my level 60 Garchomp. :/

Phoenix761351d ago

Lmao when I saw the headline mentioning elite 4, I was thinking of a completely different game altogether and thinking "what??" Hahahaha jokes on me I guess :-D