The Evil Within: Chapter 12 Boss: Heresy

As the unwritten rule book of survival states, thou must have a spider boss, and behold, here it is.
At the end of chapter 12 in the Evil Within, we face Heresy. This boss is pretty easy apart from the enemy ambush half way through, which can be more dangerous than the boss itself especially if you’re low on ammo.

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DarkOcelet1983d ago

I really am interested on how we will run from him as Jolie Kidman when we play as her. I really hope we have some sort of fight with him again.

rawrock1982d ago

He was the easiest boss in the game I think...can't wait for the dlc!!

Blastoise1982d ago

This game starts off really well, but the last third or so is garbage

Biohazard88601982d ago

Yeah i kinda agree here... But that was the case sadly with re4 as well the last chapters of the game went pretty to much action based.

Darth Gamer1982d ago

I also agree to a point. The beginning of the game was very old school resi and the second half, they mixed Call of Duty in my Resident Evil. WTF!! Why do the zombies need to be carrying machine guns and rocket launchers and drive hummers.

Biohazard88601982d ago

Silent hill is superior i can't wait for the new one its likely gonna be are true survival horror game we have been waiting for.