Should eSports Be An Olympic Event?

There's no doubt that eSports is becoming a major player in the world of competitive entertainment. The number of tournaments has skyrocketed in the last few years, and the prizes for those tournaments just get bigger and bigger. Some colleges are now starting to field teams of gamers in competition. Now some are wondering if the world of competitive mmo games can break the ultimate barrier - the Olympics. Should eSports be an Olympic event?

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XTGN1976d ago

I was involved with the CGS. It had serious sponsors Microsoft, Dell, Mountain Dew etc and had worldwide TV exposure on Sky, Star and Direct networks. The viewing figures were terrible and it was cancelled at the end of the second season.

Gamers watch games on Twitch and other live streams. They do not watch it on TV. The Olympics is a TV event. None gamers will not watch VideGaming as a "sports entertainment" product and gamers won't watch games on Tv. Olympic football tournament for eg - football (thats soccer for you US guys that have a sport called FOOTball where you use your HANDS to play it lol) are of little interest to "real" football fans, we have the world cup for that...

The Olympics have plenty of other "real" sports that don't even get included. Leave e-sports out of it, the none gaming public derision at seeing "nintendo" in the Olympics would do more harm than good.

Jdoki1976d ago

The first thing eSports needs to do is create more national tournaments and generate mainstream recognition. Which is happening to varying degrees.

Throwing eSports in to the Olympics is not the way to do it and would probably set eSports back as it's not yet ready to be taken seriously by the mainstream public.