Ben Barnes “Grand theft Auto 5 is one of the most incredible pieces of art ever made”

Ben Barnes talks about his upcoming movie The Seventh Son, his fascination with playing Grand Theft Auto 5, and the idea of playing Marvel's Iron Fist.

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Naga1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

That's quite the exercise in hyperbole.

One need only take a cursory glance at what history has produced in terms of artistic and creative expression in order to see what a ridiculous statement that is. I can reasonably entertain someone calling Grand Theft Auto 5 incredible, art, and even incredible art. But to call it one of the most incredible pieces of art ever made is a demonstration of such a deficient perspective that it might as well be called blindness.

-Foxtrot1979d ago

He obviously hasn't played much

Neo_Zeed1979d ago

As much as I liked the game (bought it twice at full price)... it is not art.

Muzikguy1979d ago

I paid full price for this game twice also. I disagree with the article. It was a decent game that I thought should've been longer. The remaster is even better but the game is essentially the same. I wouldn't say anything like "one of the most incredible...." It was all right

Scatpants1979d ago

I agree with him. I thought the city and surrounding areas was one of the richest open worlds to date and the writing was witty and entertaining. One of the most fun games I played last year. I would call this art more than many games out there. Just the radio stations alone were art not to mention everything else.

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