Dying Light Trophy Guide

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s Dying Light Trophy guide. There are no missable Trophies and you’ll only have to play through the story once (in terms of Trophy collection). There is also nothing really difficult either. Most of them are more time consuming than difficult. There are some online Trophies, but they’re co-op related and completion based. So, nothing difficult about the online Trophies either. There is also free roam after you complete the game, so, you can go back and pick up any Trophies that you may still need. Also, you can track your progress toward a majority of the Trophies by going to Statistics under the Extras menu from the Main Menu.

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Palitera1352d ago

I recommend the trophy guide is read at rum/dying-light/258460-dying-li ght-trophy-guide-roadmap.html , SPECIALLY about the glitched trophies.

Not to mention it is far more complete than the PSLS' guide.