3 Things Dying Light Could Have Done Better

Despite being a very fun game, Dying Light could have been a really memorable zombie survival game if these three things had been taken into account.

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Bansai1975d ago

Reasonable points, but the game is effin' awesome, I completely don't understand the scores it's receiving.

Hope people will give it a chance cause it might surprise them.

JWiLL5521975d ago

IGN is actually bang on for once with their 8.5 score.

nowitzki20041975d ago

All I hear is amazing things from anyone that claims they played the game. I am getting it today based on user reviews from many websites. Cant wait.

Glgh1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

It's really fun. Despite these 3 points, the game does lots of things right and the parkour is especially awesome.

Glgh1975d ago

The article does say it's a great game. Maybe pointing out what could be better will make people understand why some scores are lower than we would have expected.

Maxor1975d ago

The 7/10 scores for this game is an outrage. The game is highly innovative and all of it's features are well implemented. From now I expect a climbing system similar to this in every 1st person game, and it's all done without exosuits or jetpacks.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1975d ago

I actually disagree with points 1 and 3.

Character development, agree, but add :

Stop allowing other players to invade your game by being hunters, give players the option to avoid the encounter. Several times, I was trying to complete night missions only to be interrupted by someone who started an encounter, especially when you are LITERALLY, seconds and inches from completing a mission. (The siblings mission comes to mind)

The zombie A.I. needs work. At times clusters of zombies are attracted to sounds, while another cluster of zombies that are only ten to twenty feet away, are not drawn to the same sounds. It would definitely make the game more challenging to have *all* zombies nearby reacting to sounds that are loud enough to get their attention, not just clusters of enemies that the player is in close proximity to.

Other than those 3 issues, the game is fun, engaging, and interesting to play.

stealthkiller241974d ago

You can turn off the whole "being invaded by a hunter". You can even keep the co-op option on and only turn off the zombie invasion. Just sayin.