Tips and Tricks for Living It up in Dying Light

GeekParty writes: "In Dying Light, it can be a challenge just to stay alive. In order to stay in the game — and get the most out of it — I’ve come up with a few useful play strategies. Some of these tips and tricks are what you’d call common sense, but they’ve definitely increased my enjoyment of the game."

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Maxor1986d ago

This game is fantastic. I would put this right up with Mordor and Wolfenstein in terms of being a sleeper hit. While I knew about the features, I have no idea how well the parkour and night system would mesh together in a Dead Island spinoff. After a year full of disappointments I'm glad 2015 is starting off right.

CorndogBurglar1986d ago

I'm definitely loving this game.

Its basically what Dead Island should have been.