Readers Gambit | Dying Light (Review)

Readers Gambit wades through the toxic entrails of Techland's latest release.

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TheRealTedCruz1975d ago

Look at is this way; the game is sitting in the low 70's across the board, in terms of its aggregate score.
With the average score being a 70, someone giving the game even a five is no different than those giving the game a 9.

Neither are more or less right than the other.

DeadlyOreo1975d ago

No but a 5 is clearly ridiculous. This game is great, and it's not fair to award the developers who have worked hard on this a 5. It doesn't add up when you get far far worse games getting much higher scores.

Esler1975d ago

It's obvious these people like the game. That's pretty cool. They are trying to justify their purchase but I stand by my review score. I'm sure a lot of people would give it a lot worse if they lost all their data in that bug.

Techland also promised a "new" game. This is a Dead Island clone with parkour. Hell the bugs that exist for duping and cheating levels were never removed from an engine that has been in develop and also extensively tested since Dead Island released 4 years ago.

TheRealTedCruz1975d ago

"No but a 5 is clearly ridiculous"
It's not, and for the reasons I laid out in my last post. It's actually perfectly understandable. And, really, no review score is ridiculous as long as you can justify it. Tastes vary, and one is not more accurate than the other.

I'm sorry, but I handle game reviews as well. There is nothing more annoying than someone going in, just checking the score and going "No. You're wrong", "It Should be this".

People are so quick to write-off reviews they don't agree with, or reviewers themselves, all the while claiming they know best and they should be listened to.
The little secret is someone doing a review is just another gamer who is invested enough to give his opinion. I'm not sitting there, writing-off the opinions of those reading, believing I know better than everyone else because I have a site and a means to make my voice heard.

LordMaim1975d ago

@Esler: Perhaps you should patch your game.

And I can't believe you gave that atrocity WWE2K15 a 7 and this a 5.

WTF. No.

TheRealTedCruz1975d ago

Welcome to N4G, where both a well thought out and justified point, as well as blatantly coming out and just asking for people to respect people's opinions, becomes something to lash out at.

TekKing1975d ago

The N4G comment section isn't meant to be for logic. Of course you could explain how bad a game would be put people here would still defend it as if nothing is wrong with the game. Same thing goes for companies like Sony or when a dev says there is no multiplayer in a game and people defend it as if they don't want it (until the dev decides to put it in the second game in which case it's apparently awesome; especially if it's an exclusive).

TL;DR = People that comment on N4G are morons (including myself).

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Vanfernal1975d ago

From the review... Didn't like the story, combat is good, free running is "ludicrously fun".... 5.5/10... Yeah, that makes sense.

Esler1975d ago

Ah but you missed buggy, riddled with boring fetch quests, a DI clone and unimaginative. Thanks for reading, I presume you liked it because you are trying to manipulate what was said in the review.

Maxor1975d ago

Boring fetch quests describes every RPG and open world games out there. In a city infested with zombies where your character is the runnner I would imagine fetch questing being the staple. Plus this isn't The Last of Us. Story telling isn't the main focus. This game is about the mechanics of a first person zombie beat'em up, and it does that very, very well.

zacisyoface1975d ago

I think what really happened here was the reviewer was playing the wrong genre .
A mistake so much Reviewers make is asking themselves Did they have fun?

Dooms story. How memorable right ?
Story isn't everything and Bugs.
K . .

Thats a blemish on artwork .

I just know people need to be much more careful reviewing and get the right person to review ..... 5/10.
I was so stunned I had to see

Esler1975d ago

I would say it's pretty subjective when it comes to the idea on beating up zombies being well done. If you compare it to even the Dead Island 2 alpha it lacks feedback and depth. It does nothing to set itself from the pack and is riddled with texture popping, stupid AI that loses to molotovs 100% of the time, enemies lack depth or originality, and there is just a lack of excitement.

The story telling doesn't need to be stellar but it should have drive to make you want to continue. Dying Light didn't for me in any way.

1975d ago
Saijahn1975d ago

Bugs..okay I'll give you that. Are they gamebreaking? Not even close. The duplicate glitch is actually pretty cool and makes the game much more fun.

Fetch Quests..point me to a game in this open world genre that doesn't do fetch quests. That's a problem with these type of games, not the game itself. There's also challenges, and safe zones to take over and a whole host of little secret things to discover in Dying Light.

Nothing new... I'd love to see how many points you deducted for 'remasters' and games in all genres that rehash the same gameplay and setup.

So while I can respect your thoughts on the game, I think you've painted yourself into a corner from here on out. So if any game isn't breaking out in innovative ways I expect to see you score them just as low.

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