Bloodborne Hands-On: We Were Punished and We Liked It [IGN]

IGN: "The life, death, and more death inside of this hardcore action-RPG."

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Sevir1987d ago

Looking forward to playing this game at some Point.

nucky641987d ago

at some point???.....I'm playing day 1!

nX1987d ago

Best time to play a Souls game is when it's fresh and people have no clue what's going on.

What a great preview, this is exactly what I expected :)

"I parted ways with Bloodborne with an intense craving. I want to begin building my own character, and evolving them to fit my playstyle. I want to continue to explore Yharnam and the Hunter’s Dream, and try to piece together the fragments of environmental storytelling that From Software builds its worlds with. I want to dig deeper into the combat, and really become confident in battle like I was after I’d put 100 hours into Dark Souls."

Sevir1987d ago

Well yes, I'll definitely play it, thing is I'm in school. So it's a matter of priority. I'll buy and play it.

Lol at disagrees thinking I'm trolling.

Jughead34161987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

@Bloodborn - I agree that the best time to play is when it's fresh and everyone's trying to figure out what to do, how to beat certain bosses, discovering secrets on your own, etc. But you gotta ask yourself too, could you beat a game like this without a Wiki guide or Walkthrough guide. I swear, I'd still be trying to beat Queen Qaalag in Blighttown if I hadn't looked at walkthroughs. lol.

PeaSFor1987d ago

"But after choosing my melee weapon and my projectile, I began to realize that the Hunter’s Dream was Bloodborne’s equivalent of The Nexus from Demon’s Souls. My first two hours in the world of Bloodborne pointed towards an angrier, more aggressive game than From Software’s previous action-RPGs. The methodical “sword-and-board” playstyle of Dark Souls 1 and 2 has been injected with a treacherous dose of energy in a handful of ways."

thats ALL i needed to hear, see you in march Mr.BloodBorne.

LightDiego1987d ago

I will use my shock device with this game, so i can really feel the pain when someone attack me, still have scars playing Demon's Souls.

Mr Lahey1987d ago

I bought Demon's Souls and i sold Demon's souls.. Then a year later i decided to give it another go, bought it, learnd it and have been hooked on the Souls concept ever since. They even ruind other games for me in a way.. Keeps me hooked. I play DS1/2 more than i play my new PS4. Bloodborne will change all that! Can't Wait! This is gaming right here folks!

"Those drawn to the Dark are destined to seek it."

DialgaMarine1987d ago

Can. Not. Wait! The true successor to Demon's Souls!

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