Definitive Ranking of the Mass Effect Squad Members

Tatjana Vejnovic from The Koalition writes:

"Let me begin by saying I am fully, one-hundred-percent aware a lot of you are going to hate and disagree with me because of the way I have laid out this list. This is my personal ranking of the Mass Effect squadmates. I love [almost] every squad member for a certain reason, but I love others a lot more. Some squad members were better on the field than they were as actual characters, and other vice versa. I appreciate everyone’s interactions and opinions on the DLC ranking piece, and I hope to see more of that here! Now, let us begin."

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Romudeth1405d ago

I would have done the ranking a lot differently than this. Garrus would stay where he is though. Because he's freakin' Garrus.

Venomousfatman1405d ago

Garrus is a staple in my party. So damn good in battle.

caseh1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

Same for me along with Tali. :D I inadvertently killed her off in ME3 though without realising the outcome of my decision with Legion, sad times. :(

Septic1404d ago

Jack with her beast powers for me.

rbailey1405d ago

I definitely agree with where Garrus is placed on this list. For my own personal reasons though, I'm rather surprised that both Ashley Williams and Jacob Taylor aka Kanye West aren't higher lol

MoreGravyPleez1405d ago

Good list. I probably would have bumped up Liara and EDI on my list, but good reasoning. Also, yes Garrus is always #1 :)

DualWielding1405d ago

Jenkins is too low on the list

Agent_00_Revan1404d ago

This list wasn't too far off of mine. Never liked Jacob. Liara was so important to me. And Garrus was my favorite on my Male Shep play through, but that bond increased 10 fold on my Fem Shep play through.

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