3 games that might disappoint us in 2015

ND writes:

One of the worst feelings a gamer can experience is being disappointed by a video games he or she was extremely excited about before its launch. And, unfortunately, 2014 offered us a lot of these moments. First there was The Elder Scrolls Online, who was un unworthy successor to Skyrim. Then there was Watch Dogs, with its famous graphics issue. Then Destiny, which was nothing of what we expected.And not to mention Assassin’s Creed Unity, one of the biggest disappointments of the year. But I guess that’s what always happens when expectations for something are huge. For example take a look at Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. It was one of the most pleasant surprises of 2014, but one can’t help wonder what would’ve happened if the level of anticipation was as high as with the other titles.

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LostDjinn1443d ago

So now it's devolved into "might"?
Glad to see gaming "journalism" It's still just a douche wagon (told ya I'd use it) of corrupt ineptitude.

Great work reinforcing that fact cancerik. *smfh*

ShugaCane1443d ago

About The Order 1886 :

"Also, when you buy the game, you only get the single player campaign, which rumors indicate will be extremely short"

Pray for the future. Single player is becoming the nemesis of today's "gamers", when it once was the Saint Graal.

Majin-vegeta1443d ago

Yea sounds like this clowns hated all games prior to PS3/360 era that had no online MP...

SpaceRanger1443d ago

I remember when all of these articles would come up when The Last of Us was being developed...

Look how that turned out!

I would not be surprised if many of the games (on both platforms) people expect to fail in 2015 do amazing this year. Some people just love to get on the hate wagon for almost any game. And to them I say:
"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it".

ifistbrowni1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

I'll take single player over most multiplayer games ANY DAY.

As for The Order, it honestly just looks like a "Walking Dead" title by TellTale. Not the story or anything, but it looks like a game that you watch a lot.

I'm definitely getting the game, I just don't think it's going to be action packed, balls to the wall, guns blazing action. I think it's going to be a story driven game and I'm completely fine with that experience. It's not like it's advertising itself to be a "balls to the wall" action packed game.

Hey, if the game turns out to be extremely story driven AND a hell of a lot of action (action that makes sense), then I win.

I love coming into games while setting my expectations low. Most the time, I end up more than satisfied with games.

Length is the main "make or break" for single player games. I'm hoping this game is 10-15 hours. Anything under 10 hours (including cutscenes and exploring) will be unacceptable in my opinion.

Rimeskeem1443d ago

I remember the days where the was no online. Back in those days games worked flawlessly.

NukaCola1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Metal Gear Solid, Zelda, Halo 5, Uncharted 4 "might" disappoint.

But will they really? Hell no! If you are looking for the flaws and not focusing on the game, you will find them. Congratulations for wasting your time trying to make yourself upset rather than seeing the masterpiece in front of you.

Games do not need to be online and they don't need to be massive open world RPGS either. Sometimes, it's just a really nice experience to enjoy a good single player story.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Agreed. Single player games will always out perform multiplayer games in terms of sales numbers. Games like Infamous Second Son, The Last Of Us (main campaign) prove that overwhelmingly.

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3-4-51443d ago

Journalism has resorted to just making up or guessing anything now.

sashimi1443d ago

games that might disappoint us in 2015: all new games that are releasing in 2015. yw guys /s

Game0N1443d ago

This ongoing assault on the order has been one of the most epic circlejerks in recent memory. I wonder which game will get it next time?

Genuine-User1443d ago

It will most probably be another Playstation exclusive.

SilentNegotiator1443d ago

The Western media's bias has become so blatant.

badz1491443d ago

Uncharted 4 will be next. Especially now that it's pitted against TR on the Xbone and 360.

Dirtnapstor1443d ago

Yea, can't wait to read all the articles ripping Halo 5 to shreds before its proper debut.

SilentNegotiator1443d ago

Except that was regarding very specific details in the gameplay, not so much vague claims and rumors.

itsmebryan1443d ago

People got to play the Halo 5 beta so they know what they are getting.

itsmebryan1443d ago

So, are you saying there is no chance that the order is actually bad? What make believe that it will be good? A lot of the people that have actually played it seem to like it. Have you played it yourself?

slappy5081442d ago

Put a chainsaw on their guns, make them fight mutants instead of werewolves, and release the retail in a green box with an X on it and the media would praise it to no end

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Until Dawn, No Man's Sky, and Uncharted 4 will all make the "why this game will flop" lists in the order they will be released, But crap like Assassin's Creed, COD, and Madden will get rave reviews.


Nice link dude. Bubble vote for helpful.

RyujiDanma1442d ago

next game with be the one you fanboys try to hype up again, simple don't have high exceptions and wait for more information

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Scatpants1443d ago

if the order is 6 hours long I will be sort of disappointed I'm hoping it's 8 to 10.

Deadlead1443d ago

Yeah length is my only genuine concern with this title. I'm hoping 10+ hrs personally, otherwise I would be a little disappointed unless the story is just phenomenal. I'm assuming as a single player only game it will be pretty substantial. Or at least they'll have a plethora of content to incentivize replayability like new game+, unlocked difficulty, New character models, collectables, or maybe some old school gimmicks like big head mode, graphic changes, etc...

InTheLab1443d ago

Can someone please explain to me what's so good about the Order (aside from graphics) that has everyone defending it to the death? Anyone?

Game looks average as hell and I've seen nothing that makes me want to play it...

d4v03331443d ago

Setting? Story? Gameplay? And just because you didn't like the gameplays that were shown does not mean it is not going to be good...

InTheLab1442d ago

Setting sure but Gameplay? You've seen as much as I have.

Don't just list random things. Please elaborate. What about the gameplay? The shooting? The QTes? The searching the room for clues? What's good about the gameplay?

You know nothing of the story so how is it good?

See this is what I'm talking about. Not you specifically but people who're defending this game. You can list random things and soak up agrees but not a single one of you can tell me why this game is apparently above all criticism.

d4v03331441d ago


I can ask you the same know nothing of the game so how can you say it is bad? By telling me that I don't know anything about the game so I can't say it is good just makes no sense since you are doing pretty much the same thing.

ShinFuYux1443d ago

The game is being made by a reputable company, so it's certain the game is going to have great production value.

The game is clearly inspired by Gears of War, which by all means it's a good thing on a sony platform.

The game's story seems very interesting, kinda reminds me of the original Assassin's Creed (secret organization).

And, of course, the graphics.

If that doesn't appeal to you at all, then why bother even looking at it? Just because people are excited about it and are vocal about it doesn't mean you have to jump on the bandwagon.

PeaSFor1443d ago

"The game is clearly inspired by Gears of War, which by all means it's a good thing on a sony platform."

uh...... WinBack was on the ps2, and since when peoples believe that gears created the tps genre anyway?

to me it almost sound like someone saying "Call Of Duty created the first person shooter" while totally ignoring the fact that Wolfenstein3D did it before.

InTheLab1442d ago

"If that doesn't appeal to you at all, then why bother even looking at it? Just because people are excited about it and are vocal about it doesn't mean you have to jump on the bandwagon."

First, there's no bandwagon. I've been worried about this game since the first gameplay demo was drug out to every convention for a year. I've been worried because when the negative press hit, the game is suddenly delayed. I've BEEN worried because Ready at Dawn has shown nothing to be excited about.

So why am I bothering to look at it? Is this thread specifically about The Order? Have you seen me in a "look at these new Tesla screenshot" threads bitching about the game? No? The only time I'm in an Order thread is the numerous times the media has said the game is mediocre and you will be disappointed. I actually came to that conclusion long before it was trendy to criticize the game....

Apparently, simply stamping "only on PS4" on the box is enough to get you excited but I need more than that.

Second, you can't speak on the story. You have a very basic idea of what's what but you don't know.

Third, Ready at Dawn has done nothing but port games to PSP,Vita, Wii, and made 2 spinoffs with one actually being good. I'd hardly call that reputable.

Lastly, if the game is inspired by Gears, then I definitely want nothing to do with it. Gears 1 was fantastic but the rest were terrible and hyped up for the very same reasons as the Order.


The game you're referring to is Killswitch on the PS2. Gears completely lifted that cover mechanic and built a game around it. Winback, slightly less so. Technically, MGS1 on the Ps1 had a cover system but it's nothing like Gears.

PeaSFor1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

@InTheLab no, im actually referring to Winback.

WinBack release date was December 21, 2000 on ps2

KillSwitch release date was October 28, 2003 on ps2

badz1491443d ago


Your question can be wholely reversed as

"Can someone please explain to me what's so terrible about the Order that has everyone hating it to the death? Anyone?"

I'm a PS fan (call me a fanboy if you like because I don't care) myself and highly antipating the Order. I never defended the game because I have never played it myself but I do feel that the pre-release hates it receives are unjustified because the game is not out yet. And it seems like so many sites are throwung their hate towards the game, it kinda makes you think that Sony has killed their dogs or something.

As I said, I can't defend something that I haven't play myself but you seem like you're already on the hate bandwagon yourself. So, why don't you tell us what is so terrible about it? Of course, I have to ask the most important question first; Have you played it?

DigitalRaptor1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

"The only time I'm in an Order thread is the numerous times the media has said the game is mediocre and you will be disappointed."

Please don't use misinformation, and outdated preview impressions to make it look like the media is mostly against it. The problem is the people who say it's leading up to disappoint based on... absolutely nothing relevant at all, which other excellent games don't get attacked for.

The vast, VAST majority of the latest impressions of The Order have been positive, and since we've seen more of the game there actually is more to be excited about.

Just to put things in perspective, what was so exciting about the Quantum Break gameplay that everyone seemed to be going nuts about? Where is the hate and doubt for that game when it's coming out in a few months and we've seen nothing but third person cookie cutter action gameplay?

"You know nothing of the story so how is it good?"

Again... more misinformation. There's been plenty of information regarding the story and world-building, except much of it has been kept under wraps for spoiler purposes. People are hyped because the story looks amazing, and for some reason it's wrong to be excited for a potentially great story? This is what we mean by downplaying dude.... who was downplaying the story in BioShock Infinite when we didn't know much of the details? nobody. It looked amazing, and so does this.

"What about the gameplay? The shooting? The QTes? The searching the room for clues? What's good about the gameplay?"

Again, the gameplay is a solid third person action shooter foundation. The recent previews have mentioned this numerous times, and the QTEs are about as excessive as Uncharted or God of War's are, they are also integrated into the gameplay i.e. hand to hand combat animations.

So we have solid action, solid shooting mechanics with unique and fun looking weapons, an in-depth and brutal physics system, platforming elements, mystery and exploration gameplay during times where the player requires a breather after the heavy action, and a number of survival horror elements in line with what we saw in The Last of Us. Battles against Lycans look tense and thrilling from what we've seen. The, the rest of it is unknown, hopefully to surprised us, like people should hope for in MOST games that come out. WHO wants to know everything about games before they come out, seriously?

All in all, this game has about as much gameplay diversity as The Last of Us does (except multiplayer of course), with an interesting setting and enticing story. The performances may not be as good as Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson in the aforementioned, but you can be sure the story will hold up well, given that is what they focused heavily on.

I mean, dude... is that enough for you? There's been plenty of information released and hands-on time to give reason to be excited. Stop pretending like there hasn't.

Spotie1442d ago

The IDEA is a good one, for starters. Lots of people love the setting and the potential it has for the story. What we know of it is intriguing. Perhaps not to you, but then you're not asking why YOU should think it's good, are you?

This is a huge draw for people like me, who are into story over all else. Give me average gameplay and graphics with a superb story and I'm in Heaven. The Order, being crafted by quality devs and supported by arguably one of the best studios around in SSM, looks to be taking great care to get the story right, be it in the form of the time period, the alternate nature of said time, the application of the technology involved, the lore being drawn upon, etc.

And, unlike many other games we've seen in the last few years, no development time is being sacrificed to a tacked-on multiplayer. Or even a good multiplayer, for that matter. Again, old-school gamers like me are happy to see it. We're also happy that every little thing about the game hasn't been leaked prior to release, something that has plagued the industry as of late. There's something about going into a game not knowing quite what to expect- not necessarily clueless, but certainly less informed than we typically are today- that makes a game more enjoyable.

Granted, many try to see some of this as a negative. That's fine for them, but it's got exactly what I'm looking for, which includes not knowing everything.

If it seems "average as hell" to you, that's fine. But don't sit there at your screen and act like it's so bad it deserves all the hate it's been getting. Especially when no other "average as hell" games are garnering the same treatment.

As for why people would so strongly defend it, isn't that what people do when something they're interested in is repeatedly attacked? If it were a show or movie you were highly anticipating, and someone with as much or less experience with it as you kept claiming- often with next to no substance- that it would be garbage, wouldn't your defense start to get a little heated? Even acknowledging that there are or will be flaws, the different metric being used to judge this game- and, by the way, most of those claims of mediocrity are from a preview more than a year old at this point; to apply validity to these claims while disregarding more recent, more positive impressions is dishonest, and a form of willful ignorance- is pathetic at best.

Will we start decrying every game that doesn't have co-op simply because it CAN have it? Will JRPGs now suffer because they lack online multplayer? Will the next God of War be ripped to shreds because some of its finishers require specific button inputs?

Soon enough, we'll be bitching at Gran Turismo and Forza for not having RPG style leveling mechanics and guns. Puzzle games will be lambasted for lack of story.

Let the game speak for itself, and you won't have others doing that job in its stead. Making up your mind that it's garbage before you've even been in the same room with a finished copy is the same as claiming it'll be the best game ever before it's even in stores.

But one of these things is at least giving the game a chance. And every game deserves at least that much.

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