The Xbox One And PS4 Don't Need To Make 4K A Priority

Forbes writes:"Yesterday, I read a great piece from our own John Archer about how Netflix is making bold predictions about the future of 4K, namely that they expect both Microsoft ’s Xbox One and Sony ’s PS4 to support the format within the year."

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Neonridr1352d ago

How about they focus on 1080p/60fps first..

JoGam1352d ago

I hope they bring 4k for movies.

Neonridr1352d ago

yeah, I was only kidding. It would be nice for sure, as more and more people are jumping on the 4K train.

Army_of_Darkness1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

I'm still more than okay with 1080p/60fps. the games still look fantastic! like metro redux for example, just got that game on ps4 and it look gorgeous and plays awesome at 1080p/60fps!

As long as we can play 4K movies, I'll be good :-)

brads41351d ago

These consoles are not powerful enough for 4k.

reallyNow1351d ago

how does 4k look streamed though? I have a really good internet connection and 1080p looks bad compared to 1080p from a bluray. i mean, straight cable signal cant even make good looking 1080. (at least anywhere ive lived) I have a REALLY hard time believing netflx is capable of delivering actual 4k resolution + high quality audio.

UltraNova1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

@^^^ Dont ever compare 1080p streams or even downloads to blu-ray. The disc based uncompressed code is leaps and bound ahead.

OT even if they manage to enable 4k with a firmware update the HDMI version found on the ps4 and xb1 cant handle it. Even then nearly no one y has a 4K screen yet to begin with so there you have it... lets save 4k for 2020 shall we?

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MasterCornholio1351d ago

As long as the frame rate is solid I'm OK with 1080P.

AngelicIceDiamond1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

4k for Netflix would be amazing.

Buuuut my TV is no where near 4k.

1080p is just now become a standard for most TV viewing

The consoles don't support such format.

Netflix is jumping a 3 to 4 year gun with that expectation.

4k test here:

lol I'm struggling super hard to run ultra HD I don't wanna watch netflix frame by frame.

JoGam1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

I think they should bring movies though. 4k tvs are a lot cheaper now. Just seen one for $999 Samsung

Braid1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

If only they could see how any method of AA isn't even required that much at 4K resolution. Any game looks like a movie without those terrible looking jaggies and trust me when I say that it makes a HUGE deal of difference combined with crystal clear image quality on games. When you go 4K you'll never ever want to go back to 1080p. It instantly looks like 720p when you switch back to 1080p from 4K. Try it at home with your GPU using DSR just to see how it is, you don't necessarily have to own an expensive 4K TV set, any monitor or TV could work as long as you own a GPU that supports DSR (AMD cards support that as well with Omega drivers).

generalthadeape1351d ago

Fucking aye Neonridr, fucking aye!!!

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RjK311jR1351d ago

Funny there own Magazine cleared that up! Gamers know that though! But in theory if these consoles have the streaming ability such as netflix and amazon then they can. So if a 4K game were streamed via a streaming service like say, Playstation Now could that work? AHH didn't think that far or did ya? LoL! Seriously, in that circumstance what would stop 4k gaming if its being processed somewhere else? For example even if xbox doesn't use azure cloud for a streaming service like PSNow, couldnt they stream their games too? Its just they can't physically render that themselves?

MitchellK1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

It would be really expensive to do that anytime soon imo. They need machines on the other end running the games at 4k which would be quite expensive and i believe just to stream 4k on Netflix uses about 5gb an hour of bandwidth so it would be really unusable for people with data limits on their internet. It wouldn't be worth the investment, at least not in the next few years. It just doesn't make sense to invest in machines capable of running games in 4k to be streamed when hardly any of the customer base would have the internet to do it.

RjK311jR1351d ago

Thanks, appreciate the response. Totally understand but with TV costs dropping companies invest in these things for the future. But totally understand and agree with you i was just throwing that out there. It seems this whole net neutrality thing looming is really holding things up! But thats good because it gives time for Google and ATT Uverse (gigabit) services to keep building and growing so by the time anything happens we won't rely on the scummy isp's such as comcast and fios. At least Fios has never capped theres! Comcast has tested markets yet denies doing so, they do it all the time, in fact, if you go over 300 or 500 GB things may slow down, if so, call them cause it is not supposed to do that! At least thats what i thought.

TheCommentator1351d ago

Microsoft has 300,000 servers running already. That's more power than every electronic device in operation in 1999. That's more than enough power to support 4k via the cloud (If you have the bandwith)and MS confirmed native 4k support for everything the system can do. Sony said PS4 doesn't support 4k for games, but I'm sure they could patch that in later.

RealisticGamer1351d ago


So the 300,000 servers microsoft has are powerful enough to fully render a modern game in 4k at 30fps minimum and then allow millions of gamers to stream the game at full 4k at the native framerate as well? Seems very unlikely.

MitchellK1351d ago

@TheCommentator. Maybe your right, but what are they going to use to run the games that need to be streamed? It takes a lot of power to render a game at that resolution with the graphics we have today and then the system would also have to have the processing power to stream it while running it, maybe i'm just not well informed on the subject but i feel like that doesn't work. Whats the game running on? The servers alone?

TheCommentator1351d ago

We all know neither console will run native 4k.

MS only launched xbox one with 300,000 servers; factor in things like 4k adoption rates and internet bandwidth limitations at the moment and ultimately you will not have "millions of people" playing for several years at best. My point is that MS is already prepared for the transition to 4k in every way. They can add servers as necessary when the time comes.

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lemoncake1351d ago

Maybe at end of this gen these consoles will be transformed into game streaming machines using something like psnow to play the next gen of games alongside the more traditional next gen of console. I dont see any reason why in 8 years time that wont be a real possibility, you only have to look back at the last 8 years to see how far technology can advance in that time.

Hoffmann1351d ago

Just give me Mortal Kombat X already.

Eonjay1351d ago

Does anyone know what the adoption rate for 4k TVs are? Prices have fallen, but with 1080p sets hitting rock bottoms, it may be a minute before 4k becomes a standard. Also, I have an issue with cable companies shipping a lot of content in sub 1080p as is. So, where is the content to get the mass market to convert.

Kingdomcome2471351d ago

If I had to guess I'd say in the 5% range. I bet the number whatever it is triples in the next 1-2 years with the prices beginning to decline.

lemoncake1351d ago

I don't see any reason why the xbox and ps4 won't be able to do 4k movies as both have hdmi 1.4 and the hardware processing power would be more than enougth.

MitchellK1351d ago

For movies, they will most likely release a software update, i don't see why they wouldn't. As you said, they are both capable of it.

Genova841351d ago

My PC can't do Netflix or Amazon streaming at 4k because they block it. You need one of their approved devices as they're worried about video pirates. Assuming these consoles will have the same troubles.

Everyday, I find another reason why I'm glad I returned my 4k tv. The primary reason was that there was no way to hook my R9 295x2 to it as it only supports HDMI 1.4b and not HDMI 2.0. 4k for video games in the ps4 and xbone is physically impossible for that reason too. At least at anything beyond 30 FPS anyway ...

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