What's Already Causing Street Fighter 5 Hate

Over the weekend, pro gamers Daigo Umehara and GamerBee put Street Fighter 5 through its paces. According to some, its leisurely paces. Cue the unhappy folks.

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gangsta_red1357d ago

It did seem pretty slow in the recent demonstrations.

GokuSolosAll1356d ago

It needs to be as fast as SF2, with the input latency of SF4, and it needs balance but no SF ever had that yet. Hopefully metagame takes priority over combos this time around and defense is as viable as offense. I'm tired of rushdowns, half your life in a single combo with stun gone in an instant, and abusable moves. Also I don't know why SF4 had such stringent combo timing, that was ridiculous.

SFV is looking good to me so far. Honestly I just want a Super Street Fighter II Turbo 4K Remix for PS4 or a full remake in SFV's engine.