Move Over Far Cry 4, This is How You Do Mountains

It's not that Far Cry 4's version of The Himalayas is ugly, far from it, but just look at this.

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theXtReMe11446d ago

So texture pop and LOD issues are the way that you do mountains? Because if that's the case, almost every developer has got them down perfect. :)

PeaSFor1445d ago

.. and also no wildlife, no AI to handle and no content anywhere, just a flamboyant blatantly shallow statement.

move over kotaku, because you will NEVER do credible "journalism".

Maxor1445d ago

Because creating lifeless terrain without any real content is hard.

x_RadicalAura_x1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Don't tell Far Cry 4 to "move over." It just sounds childish lol This UE4 demo does not impress me nearly as much as the living room simulator.

RealisticGamer1445d ago

I don't find this all that impressive, looks a little like Skyrim with graphic mods...