We Worry About…’The Order: 1886′

Joe of Play Enlightened: "The Order: 1886 is a brand new IP on a new(ish) platform hitting PlayStation 4 later this month. We take a look at a few concerns regarding the upcoming game, as there are a few question marks and puzzling choices, as well as there are more than a few outlets questioning the game. We take a look at a few of the things raising those eyebrows and ask if we should indeed be concerned about this game."

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Mechanism1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

If your final quote is along the lines of.. "I'm actually extremely looking forward to everything in this game except for 2 minor grips", then why is your title such a click-bait, run of the mill title, which happens to be typical of US media towards this game at the moment? Shouldn't it be 'we are excited about...The Order: 1886', then end with your minor gripes?

Not saying I don't appreciate some of the comments in the video, but i'm afraid I do no trust the motive entirely.

JoeMcCallister1406d ago

Hey! Appreciate the comment for sure. In all honesty it's because I do worry about the game for the reasons in the video - the fact that someone like O'Dwyer says we aren't shooting a lot worries me - the other half of it is we needed a good title for an ongoing series and this is where we settled for the time being.

The sad truth is that a title like that does get some clicks and some eyes on the video, and for a site/channel that's trying to get those eyes, it's important to us. It's also something that we are going to play with in the future and treat as a little tongue in cheek.

It also allows us to go after a few different topics like studios, developers, publishers, platforms etc. instead of just games.

I seriously welcome, hear, and listen to any and all feedback so feel free to hit me with ideas - as you can tell we're still in the formative stages.

Mr Pumblechook1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

I hate this new fashion for criticising a game before anyone has even had the chance to play the completed game. Being professional is reviewing the final product. Being unprofessional is just being negative for the sake of hits. Oh, and here is another article jumping onto the bandwagon and hating on The Order: 1886. It's like you go to sit an exam but before you have written a word your teacher fails you and decides to give you a zero without even judging your work - it's not right is it?

This website has a cool logo and tag line however it's not something they adhere to. I will avoid this website because they seem to delight in the drama of being negative, maybe one day they will find the enlightenment and understand what it means to be a true gamer and start writing articles about games they are looking forward to.

syne491406d ago

Do you realize you just admitted to using click-bait headlines to generate traffic? What about being honest? What about having some sort of journalistic integrity and relying on that generate traffic? If your content is good it will gain traction. Using eye grabbing headlines that are not only run of the mill right now but boring will not generate traffic. Be different from the pack not another me to site.

Starbucks_Fan1406d ago

After seeing Joe's comment, I sure hope the mods ban his site from here...

OB1Biker1406d ago

I feel concerned about you guys worrying so much. Wouldn't be surprised if you end up with stomach ulcers.
Take it easy

DemonChicken1406d ago


Fully endorsed your comment, Joe's comment literally shoots down his own articles, opinions, etc

lmao2471406d ago

Based on what he said, and what this article is. It is against the guidelines of this site, and should be reported. I was looking at a way to report an already approved article but I do not know how.

this is piece is a Direct link you tube video that has not been posted on any Reputable sites. its a Personal Vlog and does not belong on the news feed because it is not news.

morganfell1406d ago


"I'm actually extremely looking forward to everything in this game except for 2 minor grips".

Extremely looking?

Oh the irony...

"I seriously welcome, hear, and listen to any and all feedback so feel free to hit me with ideas - as you can tell we're still in the formative stages."

If you want to blend in with the new press then by all means, keep plating and serving this sort of tripe. You will be instantly forgotten among all of the other 2-bit hustler sites that continually manufacture these ever more worthless articles. AFter all, who can for get that great piece, "The 9 Worst Games of 2014" or the thought provoking "Best Butts in Gaming". If that is to be the character of your site then allow me to save you a great deal of time and say, "Just toss in the sweaty towel now".

The public is growing weary of the click bait over bearing titles where some self important person feels as if their opinion is in some manner a service to the game community. The vast majority of gamers do not need some demented pied piper attempting to lead individuals down the twisted opinion path. And most will not follow.

You do not get a second chance to make a first impression so if this video is a summation of your flailing attempts at insightful journalism then welcome to the town of mediocrity. Population: You.

PeaSFor1406d ago


pretty much spot on.

dafegamer1406d ago

ehm how about playing a game first before critizising it? That's what honest game journalist do

bouzebbal1406d ago

you're full of shit, and so is your article. you admit using click bait titles to generate clicks, it's such a moronic statment.
The Order will do just fine, no matter how hard you trolls will try to shoot at it.
i hope your statment costs a ban to your website, that's all i have to say.

rainslacker1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

I would suggest you consider what kind of traffic you want. If you just want to make money, then whatever, go ahead and use headlines like you do. You'll get your viewers, but you won't get much respect from the community. It won't last long though because your site, or whatever, will not be discussed among people as anything of merit so eventually you'll have no growth, nor move into the areas where publishers care to have a connection with you.

If you want a better class of readers, then be honest with your headlines, and let your work speak for itself. The tone of someone's work is more often than not associated with the headlines they use to lure in the reader/viewer, and realistically, many people don't look past the headline.


To report an already approved article, you click the gears in the picture next to the description at the top of the page. One of the options will be to report. I believe you need to be a contributor to report on an article. It won't remove the article until the mods look at it though.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1406d ago

Yup. The criticism of this game has reached another peak. Click-bait titles and highly-escalated minor concerns worth an entire article.

It's gettin' real old.

quiddd1406d ago

What got me is the misspelling.

starchild1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Why is it always "the US media" with you people? It's silly and just totally destroys any chance of you being taken seriously. I've seen just as many negative previews from European based game sites/magazines as I have from US ones.

Just to mention one off the top of my head, we have:
"Why you might not want to pre-order The Order"
That's from EUROgamer, not some US based game site. And there are plenty of other examples of negative previews from non-US sites.

The reality is, negative and positive views of this game seem to show up in fairly equal measure among US-based and European-based game sites.

I'm personally looking forward to this game and I don't like bandwagons of any type. But this constant bashing of the US media is just ridiculous and not supported by actual evidence.

wsoutlaw871406d ago

Don't worry about it man. Some people don't understand we are living very much in a world culture at least as far as "western" countries are concerned. People are the same no matter where you go. America is just a bigger country with more media available in other countries, and the separation makes it an easy target. Hate just has to do with insecurity.

joab7771406d ago

I'm not worried b/c I dont have insane expectations. I'm not looking for this game to be the next LoU or Uncharted.

It is a new IP with an amazing atmosphere and gorgeous visuals. The more we learn, the better it looks.

The problem lies in our expectations. I think it's a great premise and hopefully a wonderful IP for this gen.

Clunkyd1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

We worry about...journalism.

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SmokingMonkey1406d ago

It's a game, don't worry happy!

chrissx1406d ago

You worry....for nothing

Fro_xoxo1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

too nit picky.. too much negativity.

What do you want from the Order?

I'd understand if you've played the full game...
but you barely know anything about it. .

You know just as much as we do.
If you're looking too hard for issues, you will find them.

uth111406d ago

Enough worrying about The Order already.. you should go worry about Evolve instead

sashimi1406d ago

nah thats not a PS exclusive, thats not high enough on the agenda!

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