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Cinelinx - "There are only two games that I can play repeatedly pretty much my whole life and never get bored of them. Doom and Metal Gear Solid, but for this I will focus on Doom. I don’t know what exactly it is with this game, but it’s well over 20 years old and pretty out dated in every way possible, and yet here I am with a PS4 waiting for it to get ported to it somehow, someway. Why?"

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franwex1446d ago

When I try to read the article it automatically re-connects me to a different page to download something! Malware most likely-BEWARE!

Maddens Raiders1446d ago

Worked fine for me. btw - pretty much anything with the original Doom Cover on it will warrant my attention and make me click. Why is that? Memories, memories of hours and hours wasted having fun and scaring myself half to death at night playing this creepy, cool, and prolific game. That's why. I'm with the author on this one.

REDGUM1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Maddens. I agree with you 100%.... but..... "Hours and hours wasted"???? Not wasted. Surely just having fun!!.

Loved the doom games myself. Personally, still think doom 3 is one of the best games I've played.
Looking forward to doom 4 ☺

franwex1446d ago

Hmm...I tried again and it's fine now. Not sure what all that was about then. Good read too!

TheCommentator1446d ago

Anyone else see the Mythbusters videogame special Saturday? They created the Doom experience for real. Totally awesome!