Metal Gear Solid 5: Snake's VA Getting Impatient About The Game's Release, Dev Updates Revealed

Still searching for that release date.

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ZombieKiller1448d ago

Patience and the wait will be long forgotten once the game is in our hands. Give him time and the quality will be worth the wait.

In Kojima we trust!

Batzi1448d ago

Yes indeed! Long live the father of stealth!

Halo2ODST21448d ago

In Money we trust! (Mercs 2)

Spore_7771448d ago

Why do I even bother clicking on these links?

Muzikguy1448d ago

I read your comment then looked at the source... "Gamingbolt". Thanks!! I don't click on their trash

MasterCornholio1448d ago

Well just dont give us a broken game.

Take your time Kojima but dont take forever.

DarkOcelet1448d ago

Kojima giving us a broken game. Not gonna happen in a million years and i am pretty sure this game will be very polished.

Spore_7771447d ago

A broken plot, maybe. But never a broken game. *thumbs up*

Gatsu1448d ago

I wonder if Kiefer is feeling the same ;D, maybe not as he is not a huge gamer. Or then maybe he play MGSV through. He better do it!

"I think the date will be announced during the last week of February followed by a worldwide launch in June."

Is there some special event coming in the end of February? I'm not sure...well except was there on 24th some event? But I know GDC is on 2nd-6th March.
Anyway lets hope it release somewhat like this ;D.

Knowing that TPP is almost here make me happy and I think I'm honestly gonna cry tears of joy when it release ;).

Old_Boss_1448d ago

I disagreed by mistake :p sorry. the 24th event is from Playstation.

Gatsu1448d ago

Oh right, yeah thanks! ;D Also np about disagree.

Summons751448d ago

I doubt it, you can tell in interviews and in game he doesn't care about the game or his character. He puts zero effort into giving Snake his iconic personality. He's clearly in it for the large paycheck he's getting. Hayter would be excited like the JP voice actor is because Hayter loves games and loves the character and knows the work and effort Kojima puts into his game.

Snookies121448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I sir, disagree. But hey, to each his own. Hearing him in the two longer trailers, he seems to have a lot of emotion in his Big Boss voice. But even I can't tell if it'll be a great performance or not, because we haven't heard enough yet to judge him. Once the game is out, then you can.

Gatsu1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I have to disagree with your opinion. I really love his voice and I'm sure Kiefer will bring a new emotional side to Big Boss, while we witness his downfall to madness.

Kiefer use his natural voice so he don't have to put so much effort into it, unlike David who fake the voice.

Fans of the series should imo play TPP through first and then judge his work :).

Batzi1448d ago

There is a private Playstation event on the 13th in less than 10 days and another one (Destination Playstation) a week later. I am sure one of them will reveal the release date through a new awesome trailer!

Normann1448d ago

One could only hope. I won't hold my breath up to it though :)

Batzi1448d ago

I won't blame you after that Kojima Station and Taipei.

Spore_7771448d ago

The game's entire plot will be revealed before the release date.

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The story is too old to be commented.