Battlefield: Hardline – Ultra Quality Screenshots From The Open Beta

Battlefield: Hardline’s open beta phase is a go and below you can view some screenshots with all its bells and whistles enabled.

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Neixus1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

The game isn't too much of a looker, but damn it's fun!

Playing the Hotwire mode with friends is what sold me on this game, but will wait for reviews and impressions first, incase it has a buggy launch.

SolidStoner1889d ago

I just tried beta, weird all servers are empty, must be some problem.. anyway I was alone running around and it looked good, it reminded me Counter Strike for some reason, also I feel like they took something from GTA, which is not a bad thing.. and that new equipment is great fun..

zeee1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Should have been a bf4 dlc/ext. No way am I dropping 60 on a game trying to milk the already tainted battlefield name (horrible launch issues, game was completely broken).

Also, if anything bf4 launch taught me was to never get an ea game on day one.

HammadTheBeast1889d ago

Weird, does it look worse than BF3 and 4? I mean, if the gameplay is good it shouldn't matter too much though.

3-4-51889d ago

Tried one match of each game mode on XB1 last night.

* Not sure if I like it yet, but it has some pros & cons.

* It looked a bit better than BF4, but not by much.

* It seemed more objective based or team based in way.

The heist map, you actually felt like you had to break into that bank to get felt like a shootout kind of, but nothing too exciting.

* The one map I tried the hotwire thing on was kind of too small for it. It was a big square and people just drove around and stuff.

I think on a better map this mode could be pretty epic though.

It was fun, but not as fun as I felt it could be.

* It does feel like it's own version of BF though, so it's not just BF4 + new maps.

Can't say weather I'd recommend it or not yet, as I haven't played enough to properly assess that.

Kleptic1889d ago

I felt the opposite on its visuals...I play BF4 regularly on PC...and there is a number of effects that appear to be missing in Hardline, but that could just be a beta thing...

I do get a better framerate out of Hardline, also...BF4 1080 ultra 4x msaa enabled i average in the 70's, hardline, same settings...i never dipped below 80, with averages even, a main concern being how well it ran...appears to be fine for me so far...hardline also seems to have much less of a head lock on the cpu, probably due to the maps being tighter and not having nearly as many vehicles to keep track of...

But otherwise, visually, Hardline just seems to be more simple overall...It appears there is no AO (I haven't dug around in video settings all that much, though)...and other lighting effects seem to be a lot less complex than that of BF4 on certain maps...

the most noticeable one to me is weapon models...It looks like they took BF4's models and cut the geometry in half...the detail in people's hands/clothing holding the gun are also very odd looking imo...

player animations are a little different, but i can't tell if its because everyone seems so 'skinny' without all the gear infantry had in BF4...

I'm not saying its a bad looking game in any case...Just haven't been nearly impressed as I was with Bf4...afterall, the ONLY thing BF4 ever really had going for it was ridiculously good visuals...

ZombieKiller1889d ago

Is the beta just on PC? I played it last year and would love to see the changes made since then. I own a PS4 though

St01889d ago

It's also for PS4 & XBO. The PS4 beta is out for download now on the UK store, not sure about XBO though.

lemoncake1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

It's out on xbox one now also

Mikeyy1889d ago

In North America it's not available on PSN yet. Word is 2pm est. Cannot wait!

ZombieKiller1889d ago

Sweet! I'll be sure to let my friends know and to Download it when I get home. Thank you!

sephiroth4201889d ago

lol another great job by ea it looks the same if not worse than battlefield 4

TheGreatGamer1889d ago

Graphics aren't anything too special but this game is loads of fun and I'm really enjoying playing with a group on X1

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