Crisis Core trailer emphasizes PSP shortcomings, offers hope

Square Enix's closed-door TGS trailer for Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core has finally surfaced. For the bulk of this five-minute demonstration, a handful of manicured men (and one woman) ham it up in a whirlwind of staged emotional drama. Are we supposed to want to play a soap opera? (Don't answer that.)

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Asuka5955d ago

The PSP needs a great RPG, and Crisis Core: FFVII is just perfect!

jerseynets045954d ago

OMG! I HOPE AND PRAY THEY RELEASE THIS FOR PS2!!! OMG this trailer was awesome and finally Zacks story. and i can wait to figure out who this other one winged angel is. he is Sephiroths one wing angel counterpart. ( sephiroth has the left side black wing, this guy has the right side white wing. ) omg omg omg omg omg omg omg this game looks frigging awesome

specialguest5953d ago

if this game does not sell more than noraml rate PSPs, then wow...the PSP has some major problems. being huge RPG fan, this game is a must buy for me. i hope afte this, they'll make a real sequel to FF7.