ZTGD | Criminal Girls: Invite Only (Vita) Review

Jae lee writes: Despite Sony’s aggressive campaign to make the Vita into a failure, I’ve quite enjoyed the handheld over the years.

However, in the recent months it feels as though the Vita’s new release library has become overly saturated with fan service fluff like the Senran Kagura titles and now the worst of the bunch, Criminal Girls: Invite Only.

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dark-kyon1406d ago

Are you serius this quote read how something from a troll post of neogaf prude users.yeah 2 games of 11 is saturated.

psvita games out within one month
1.citizen of the earth
2.hyperdimension neptunia rebith 2
3.duke nukem 3d
4.whoa dave
5.brandish the dark revenant
6.aqua kitty dx
7.atelier ayesha plus
8.broken sword 2
9.criminal girls
10.fieldrunner 2
11.joe danger 2