Capcom talks 'DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition' changes and adjustments

Joe McCallister of Examiner writes: It would be an easy feat for Capcom and Ninja Theory to simply port over "DmC: Devil May Cry" to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, keeping the exact same game intact with slightly polished assets. Capcom believes that simply repackaging the exact same game that was released in January of 2013 would be a big missed opportunity, as well as a disservice to fans. Speaking exclusively with Examiner, Capcom Producer Rey Jimenez explained some of the tweaks and adjustments players can expect from the action packed "DmC: Definitive Edition"

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fei-hung1446d ago

Very good and now please go make us a proper devil may cry game. A devil may cry that is half as good as Bayonetta 2 will still be miles ahead of DmC or devil may cry 5

Cy1446d ago

Yet the terrible story and the '12 year old's edgy fantasy' writing are still there. Make a real Devil May Cry with the real Dante, please.

-Foxtrot1446d ago


Can't polish a why are they trying

WeAreLegion1446d ago

I love Devil May Cry just as much as everyone else, but if you think the stories of 1-4 aren't just as cheesy and ridiculous as DmC, I wouldn't believe you've played them.

Cy1446d ago

Cheesy, yes. Tryharding to the point where even Shadow the Hedgehog is like "turn it down a bit, dude"? Not even close.

Clogmaster1446d ago

True, except one was satire the other was trying to be Oscar-bait.

Eiyuuou1446d ago

The difference is that the original story didn't take itself serious. That's what makes it so good.

Sevir1446d ago

The crying over this game is just stupid.

YamiMarik1446d ago

Capcom: "Nobody bought it, so we're releasing it again! Woohooo!"

Summons751446d ago

At least they are showing us mercy and releasing the infinitely better DMC4. Everyone should buy that over DmC despite them pushing the hell out of Faux DMC

JHGriff19871446d ago

I can't believe the flak this is getting people need to let go of nostalgia and accept change. All people complaining must not have played the atrocity DMC 2 at all you gotta admit it is better than that or your blind.

alexg5871446d ago

Your right man nostalgia annoys the f*** out of me.. DMC was actually good but since he a different hair do nobody likes it

Dhampir1446d ago

Wow, you really think people hate it just because he has black hair?

Can start with looks though. Dante looks like a young version of the games director. It ran at 30fps on consoles. Then you have bad writing, where you go from talking about rape to dick jokes in a matter of minutes. Combo systems that have no depth, which is the core of Devil May Cry. Color coded enemies. Boring and brainless bosses. A devil trigger no one even uses until the final boss. Succubus. It goes on and on.

Tony-Red-Grave1446d ago


Your exaggerating the bad points far too much. The combo system has as much, if not more, than the previous games. If you feel this wrong please back up your claim of -no depth-. The regular game ran 30FPS, locked, on consoles and up to 120+FPS on PC apparently, but the definitive edition is 60FPS. Color coded enemies are removed and DT is halfway into the game not "until the final boss".

I don't mind if people, yourself included if you want, dislike DmC. But, I do have a problem if their being treated exactly the same or when people make claims like "combo systems that have no depth".

fei-hung1446d ago

A change for the better is good, but this was a change for the worse.

this series need needs platinum games to develop future iterations so it can evolve the gameplay not take several steps back.

Tony-Red-Grave1446d ago

The gameplay mechanics were improved in DmC, arguably moreso than in DMC4. How? simple, The ability to on the fly switch weapons and styles while having all your weapons at your disposal is priceless.

Where DMC4 made style switching on the fly, DmC broke it down to triggers and added dodge buttons. One of the smaller additions that was added was the ability to continue combos with different weapons. How it works is:

Rebellion regular combo: triangle, triangle, pause triangle.... (6hits)
Arbiter regular: triangle, triangle, pause triangle (3hits).

During the pause with rebellion if you switch to arbiter you'd "cancel" into arbiters third hit. In prior games you'd go back to the first hit of the weapon you switched to. So in gameplay this change was for the better and it's probably the best and most overlooked mechanic ever added to the franchise.

Also, you don't honesty believe Kamiya would ever touch a DMC game again do you? He's moved on and has his own identity with a completely original idea.

Both were added to the definitive edition.

fei-hung1446d ago

Devil may cry had:

1) puzzle elements
2) less linear level design
3) had several more attacks and combos
4) had several styles such as royal guard, doppelganger, quick silver, trickster and gunslinger.
5) had more fluid gameplay mechanics and animation

One added bit of switching more weapons doesn't mean much considering every other aspect was made inferior.


1) cliché story
2) rubbish dialogue
3) repetitive game design (boring platforming, linear combat levels, boss. Rinse and repeat)
4) most spoke about bosses and levels were ripped right out from Lollipop Chainsaw which was filled with much better boss battles.

I'm all for reboots and alternative universe versions etc, but if you are going to do it, do it as well or better or don't bother.

Tony-Red-Grave1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Fei-hung I think your confusing DMC4 and DMC3 or at least combining them. So let me help you there.

DMC3 had:
1)less linear level design
2)ALOT of weapons and combos
3)the standard, at the time new, four styles + quicksilver, doppelganger, and (you forgot this one) Darkslayer (vergils)
4)great fludity animation
5)great bosses, some headscratchers though, and a proper boss rush.

DMC4 had:
1) Nero (boo!)
2) the most linear levels with backt tracking. Seriously we went from DMC2 (very open world), to DMC3 (still pretty open), to DMC4 (very linear with backtracking. DMC1 did backtracking correctly.
3) Improved gameplay over DMC3, but it had less weapons and styles (4 + darkslayer)
4)fun bosses
5) A TERRIBLE boss rush and overall dumb dice minigame.

Edit: all this actually reminds me how much of a downgrade in gameplay DMC4 sometimes felt vs DMC3.

Kyosuke_Sanada1446d ago

So manual lock-on and difficulty is nostalgia?.....

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