TOXIKK Early Access Preview | The Game Scouts

Tin Salamunic: No classes, no levelling, no regenerating health, no cover systems, no iron sight aiming, no reloading, no bullshit. These few words in TOXIKK’s teaser trailer perfectly sum up Reakktor Studios’ nostalgic homage to classic arena FPS. Survival is purely dependent on player skill. If you consider yourself a Call of Duty or Battlefield expert, TOXIKK will make you feel like a blindfolded infant surrounded by wild animals. It’s unforgiving, tough to master, oftentimes frustrating and absolutely delicious. Developed by a small group of industry veterans, TOXIKK is a spiritual successor to FPS classics like Quake Arena and Unreal Tournament. It’s a modestly priced bullet storm that boasts AAA production values and presents itself as the greatest hits collection of some of the best PC shooters of the past.

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