Deal of the Century - PS Vita Less Than £50 at UK Retailer

If you're heading out to Tesco to sample some of their pasties or stock up on Cheerios, it may be worth taking a look at their gaming section as the UK supermarket with sell you the PS Vita for less than fifty quid.

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TimeSkipLuffy1356d ago

Wow. That's a great deal for a great handheld. Unfortunately Sony does not care about it as much as other dev studios. Hopefully we see more JRPGS and other games from great studios who still love this little device and see it more than a remote display.

TankCrossing1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Great deal, but also not real.

Cheapest one they have at my local superstore is £149.99

chrish19901356d ago

it is indeed real, though it seems to only be certain stores shifting stock. Ring around some other stores and see if they have any. If, by any incalculable chance, you happen to live in north wales, the Abergele branch had some in stock.

TankCrossing1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

It would cost me more in petrol than I'd save. I don't actually want a Vita particularly, just figured for that price I might as well take one.

Good price for anyone that happens to be in northern wales. Though I think you can get a 3 bedroom house there for not much more than that!

dcj05241356d ago

Trust me, the Vita will have many games for years to come.

All_Consoles1356d ago

Then name one AAA game coming soon that isn't a jrpg

BitbyDeath1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

MLB is out next month for Vita.

Not to mention all PS4 AAA games are also available to play on Vita.

All_Consoles1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Bitby, a $40 roster update is the only thing to look forward to? And you can stream AAA ps4 games to vita, as well as android devices. Huge difference. Own a vita and haven't used that feature in over a year, I won't limit myself to lacking analog sticks and buttons just so I can play on a tiny screen in a close by room so...
What else you got?

BitbyDeath1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

You asked for a AAA title, I gave you one.
I'm sure there is a wikipedia article with the others. No need to keep moving the posts.

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mike32UK1356d ago

"If you're heading out to Tesco to sample some of their pasties or stock up on Cheerios" laughed at that way more than I should have.

TWB1356d ago

Damn, would buy for that price if I encountered a similar deal.

hiawa231356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

How do you go from the Vita to bashing the X1. Just nonsense, as some just want to bash, and will dig where they can. PS4 games available on the Vita, really? I got a PS4 and a Vita, so how do I play my PS4 games away from home without an internet connection? No response needed. I did not buy the Vita to become a PS4 companion cause Sony can't get major devs to make games for it. Lets be real here,the Vita is dead for those of us wanting games like Uncharted, Cod, NBA game, pretty much everything other the phone games, Indie, and some RPGs. Sony tried to make the Vita a PS4 pad, and honestly I have no interest to remote play PS4 games on the little screen, when I could just play them on my big screen. I have my complete PSP collection on my Vita atleast I can play those, and I love NG 1 & 2, but lately it has been used as my portable viewer. Sony definitely doesn't need to release anymore handhelds. If they do I am not buying.