GTA Online: Rockstar needs to work harder to realise its 30-player dream

Rockstar is obviously aware that its 30-player jobs, the vision it introduced with the PS4 and Xbox One releases of GTA Online, are being largely ignored. An event key, usually reserved for double-RP weekends and the like, is now permanently in place on the GTA Online boot-up, allowing you to enter a playlist of four 30-player jobs without bothering with Los Santos itself.

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Zizi1406d ago

This online better be good!

SolidStoner1405d ago

they could easy create more online jobs with 30 players.. so small amount of new jobs on PS4 version, GTA has no limits, but somehow they limit online... and dont want to add new stuff and new races, people cant make high quality things, most of them are worse than original R* races/jobs..

also still waiting for heists...

spacedelete1406d ago

GTA online is trash. its the definition of pointless and boring.

Septic1405d ago

Not at all. The sandbox itself opens itself to so much unscripted hilarity. That's why its been such a hit with the masses. There are a plethora of videos showcasing just how fun it can be.

Having fun is not pointless.

WeirdShroom1405d ago

I think some people fail to realise that the Lobby is the Lobby, not not the whole point of MP. Mulitplayer matches are the point. Has more options and cutomization than most other games.

AudioEppa1405d ago

I agree, but the same time there is a lot of room for improvements on Rockstar's end. I'm very curious about something, will R* develop a whole different 'GTA ONLINE' when the next game comes out or will they do a huge patch update on the graphics as well give it more locations.

Now that V is out, the anticipation is setting in for what Grand Theft Auto will be like next. I can't wait to see what a fully developed GTA on current ps4 hardware will look like... Oh man it's going to look crazy!

WeirdShroom1405d ago

It not working very well is the only thing keeping me from enjoying it on Xbox One. Played it enough on 360 to make the leap with a rank 100+. Everytime I play on Xbox One I get a ton of jobs that everyone quits or glitches out. It's all good though. GTA lasts until the next GTA. No major rush.

MrBeatdown1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

I think the problem is the result of giving players too much freedom to vote on what they want, combined with the user generated crap.

I use quick job, and nine times out of ten, I end up in some piece of trash map called "9999,9,99,9999999,9RP $$$" that has everyone punching eachother while the map creator goes to find his secret route to the chain gun so he can spend the entire match shooting fish in a barrel.

Then when that's done, one guy votes for a parachute jump, one guy votes for a race, and everyone else goes back to freeroam.

They need to make matchmaking playlists that will let you play only the modes you want to play. If I pick team deathmatch, don't give me the option to vote for a race at the end of the match. Make me go to the race playlist. How awful would Call of Duty be if after every round of Search and Destroy, half the lobby voted for team deathmatch?

Keep the guys who want to racer with others who want to race. Keep the deathmatch guys with other deathmatch guys. And don't throw custom made crap that isn't Rockstar-verified into the rotation.

SeanScythe1405d ago

I hate playing a mission and having to go to freeroam to find another mission because the next line up is nothing but races or DM.