2015 4K upgrade for PS4 and Xbox One is hogwash

MWEB GameZone writes: "In spite of the assuredness of Forbes’ headline, Netflix hasn’t made any predictions about a 4K refresh for the PlayStation 4, much less the Xbox One. The entire story is conjecture."

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headblackman1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

well every x1 comes with a 4k hdmi cable, so i don't see 4k gaming coming, but 4k videos i can see happening, so im ok with that. the reasoning for providing a 4k hdmi cable reasoning has yet to be explained. id love to hear microsofts logic behind doing this when they could've just provided a regular hdmi cable.

plut0nash1357d ago

4K gaming on console when most games aren't full 1080p yet? Hmmmm. I'd take it if it were a free upgrade though.

Septic1357d ago

Yeah 4k gaming won't happen bar maybe some very basic looking indie games maybe.

4k movies etc are where its at though as far as these consoles are concerned.

To be honest, even HD adoption for tv channels has been rather slow. I don't think 4K adoption will be high enough in the coming years to really warrant it, although I hope I'm wrong.

The_KELRaTH1357d ago

I suspect it will end up being much like the PS3's 1080p games that were just 2D like Pacman, Breakout variants etc etc

As for the 4K cable - I'll go with Marketing

TankCrossing1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

The prediction was supposedly from Netflix. They don't care about 4k gaming, they care about the h.265 codec that their streaming service uses. I don't see why future SKUs couldn't have that added to enable 4k video streaming services.

The first 360s didn't have HDMI ports (miraculously I still have one of those that works).

decrypt1357d ago

Well PC gamers have been playing at 1080p like resolutions since 2000's. Console gaming still doesnt fully support 1080p after 1 decade of trying they still fail at it and since this new gen will last another decade, thats 2 decades of trying by corporations to bring 1080p to console gamers.

4k is still in its infancy on the PC. If implementing 1080p can take so long on consoles. I would think 4k would be atleast 2 decades away, Maybe next gen consoles will do partial 4k while fully supporting 1080p and if there ever is a PS6 you may expect that to do 4k fully.

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kevnb1357d ago

What are you talking about, almost all hdmi cables you get are high speed these days. Unfortunately hdmi can only support I think 30fps at 4k, but that is fine for movies.

Yetter1357d ago

from my understanding HDMI 1.4 can support 4K 30fps while HDMI 2.0 can support 60fps

AJ Hartley1357d ago

30 fps is more than enough for movies, considering they all run at true 24fps.

jmc88881357d ago

Officially 30, but you can go higher. Typically it tops out at about 37hz, but if you play around with stuff, like getting rid of the audio through HDMI you can push it up higher into the 40's.

There is also that Nvidia reduced color format that can bring it to 60 (and thus a bit beyond, like say 80hz-85hz).

But this probably won't go very far since there is a HDMI 2.0 standard, and recent 4ktv's and videocards have them.

It is also true that for video 4k/24 or 30 is enough, but certain providers want to use that h.265 format AND increased color bit depth.

The sad thing though, is that many 4ktv's, and pretty much all sold first half 2014 or earlier are screwed. Even ones now don't have all their ducks in a row.

Some lack hdmi 2.0
Some lack h.265 support
Some lack the proper color bit depth

So just like I got a 1080i HDTV in 2004 for $499, I went cheap for my first 4ktv, $299 39". It doesn't pay to spend big bucks on 4ktv's. Many new ones have these issues, and all of the old ones.

4k movies while being able to utilize 1080p/136hz, 1440/80, 1800/52, etc, etc while still being able to run 4k content not bounded by netflix's standard was good enough, especially for $299.

So either go cheap or wait. Besides, if you wait a couple years, the 4k prices will literally be what 1080p currently is. There are many models now for $299-650.

As for the consoles, it's highly unlikely. Like people said, maybe for indie stuff at 30fps on low.

RjK311jR1357d ago

Most of us sort of knew that. Netflix is pushing their 4K streaming service and how else to add 16+ million people able to stream b/c they are both 4k video capable

lord zaid1357d ago

BUt i still don't see the point have having the xbox one or PS4 having 4K for video only. If the display doesn't support it, then it has no value.

And any TV not with 4K will have surely have a Netflix app?

kmeck5181357d ago

My TV has a netflix app but i find myself using my PS4 or chromecast for netflix all the time and have only used the one on my tv a couple of times when i first bought it about 2 1/2 years ago.

Yetter1357d ago

any gamer who cares about latency will stay far away from any sort of 'smart tv'

TheCommentator1357d ago

How do you disagree with a direct-from-Microsoft statement? Fanboys are so ignorant. Just because PS4 can't do 4k for games yet, doesn't mean they won't in the future. They just need a solid bank of servers in order to assist from the cloud like MS has already.

alice20151357d ago

will you have to buy a new ps4 or xbox one again for video but for 4k gameing neither can do 1080p that well .............................. ..

MasterCornholio1357d ago

PS4 does a good job with 1080P.


Most of the PS4 games run in 1080P.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081357d ago

Apparently judging by your disagrees, you are wrong, but you are right however. It's just mr. X's henchmen are trolling you with them. Such a shame!

ShottyGibs1356d ago

PS4 is struggling to be 30fps at 1080P. That's why games like the order go and letterbox to 800p

MasterCornholio1356d ago


Well you don't even know what 800P is.

Basically if you did you would know that the order doesn't run in that resolution.

Here's a hint.

The Orders 1886 resolution > 900P

ShottyGibs1356d ago

Lol...still not 1080p is it though

MasterCornholio1355d ago


But it still contains the same pixel density as a 1080P image which means the image is just as sharp. Only difference are then black bars.

You know what pixel density is right?

And you finally admit that it isn't 800P right?

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GokuSolosAll1357d ago

4K won't catch on until HD is phased out, PS5 fully supports it, and movies push it.

uth111357d ago

It took around 20 years for HD to be fully adopted ( from specs defined, broadcasters updated, FCC rules, etc). Everyone thinks 4K is right around the corner. It's at least 5 years away from being mainstream, maybe more.

Summons751357d ago

Not to mention 4k TVs are 3/4 thousand, way more than the average consumer could afford. I think you're correct, another 5/6 years and they will be affordable for anyone to get (much like the timeframe it took 1080 tvs to drop down) and by then the next gen will be just starting peak it's head up with another 2/3 to actually release. Pushing 4k this gen would be reaching too high.

uth111357d ago

even if the TVs are affordable, there's not much 4K infrastructure.. no 4k TV broadcasts, no 4K blu-rays, no 4K video game consoles. Only streaming IF you have the bandwidth, Maybe if you have a 4K PC, but you can buy a 4K monitor for less..

Oschino19071357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

@Summons75, 4k prices aren't the issue it's the lack of content. Google search Cheap 4k Tvs under shopping and watch dozens of models under $2200 show up with some being under $1000 while still having big size.

Personally I am still waiting for higher quality ones to get cheaper because I want much nicer upgrade for picture quality also and not just resolution. I tend to go for high end Sony usually XBRs even if they are a year or more old to save.

ilikepizza1357d ago

ps5 i don't know if you heard but sony isnt even sure about a physical based ps5. To do game streaming on those servers is all but impossible.

jmc88881357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )


Not really. I got mine for $299, 39". It's been possible to get if for that, actually I've seen it for $289, since last summer.

The newer 60hz models are for as low as $650 right now. Seiki might even launch one for $499 soon.

If you mean top of the line Sony 80 inches, then yeah, 3-4k, but for what most people purchase, you can get a cheap one that covers most bases.

As I said in my earlier post, there are many reasons to get say, a Seiki 39 or 50" since they have true 120hz input (actually 136hz and some have gotten up higher then that for 1080p). $289-399 for 39 or 50 inch 4k is quite nice. Hell I was even able to get 3D working on it using Nvidia shutter glasses and a monitor inf spoof thinking it's a 3D projector.

But if you want that all encompassing 4k, we need to wait for all the standards to be implemented... but these 'standards' are cheap, and when finalized and manufactured will only add like $10 to the cost of a tv, so all the big price reductions on 4k will continue, and you'll see 4k replace 1080p very soon from a TV hawking perspective. The only question is how long will official content lag this.

So if you are a gamer, 4ktv's already have uses, for your standard couch potato, then they should wait. But it's coming, and soon.

Of course barring Obama launching war with Russia and China or another Obama/Bush/British induced Wall Street crash.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1357d ago

I know I don't care about 4k when my blu-ray movies look great already on my TV. Maybe when the 4k TVs are priced the same as 1080p TVs right now I will get one but until then I could care less.

jmc88881357d ago

At $289, they already are.

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