PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Gets a Bible Full of Intriguing Background Information and Pictures

If you want to know more about the world of the upcoming PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886, today is your lucky day. Exploring the new promotional website just opened by Sony for the game, yields an enormous amounts of information about its background and the lore behind Ready at Dawn’s new creation.

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WeirdShroom1352d ago Show
G20WLY1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

That's some good, deep lore!

It's this kind of background awareness that helps a developer create a believable world. Should certainly provide scope for a franchise, should TO:1886 prove popular!

Nice picture of the Royal Exchange too; I walk past that every day as I head in to work. :)

Zenith4k1352d ago

It's always been obvious that Jesus was resorected as a Lycan any fool that read the bible or the divinci code can see all the heading induendos it's right there just got to dig and find it

bouzebbal1352d ago

im looking so much forwars to february 20th, first because this game seems so good and second because i'm getting sick of these pointless articles bringing nothing new. it's so pathetic.. after PS4 Exclusive Driveclub it's The Order's turn..Give it a break!!!

bigodon1352d ago

great packed infos!
this guy had a hell of hard work getting this stuff together, but it's great to get in game mod :)

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