Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries Preview - Mouse n Joypad

Rahman writes - "Whilst playing Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries I had the horrible feeling I was playing a port of a mobile or handheld game. While it was rare for developers to do this, especially indie developers, it wasn’t impossible. After some research I found that it genuinely wasn’t a port from an inferior platform, but a fully fledged PC game. So then why did I have this feeling? The gameplay was solid enough to stand on its own, we were given a clear goal at the beginning and the production value was much higher than most mobile games. And yet I still felt like I had played this, or something incredibly similar, before. After wracking my brains, I remembered what I had played. Super Mario 3D Land. Oh yeah it has a new lick of paint, it’s much more edgy and geared towards the young adolescents who no longer care about Mario’s shrieks of joy, but the similarities are too large to ignore. "

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