You Can Get a Free PS4 The Order: 1886 Theme By Exploring a Website

Want a spiffy The Order: 1886 theme for free? all you have to do is to explore all the branches in the new promo website Sony just opened.

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garos821448d ago

Sweet thanks for the heads up Abriael

Abriael1448d ago

No probs. Hope you're not in Europe.

garos821448d ago

dammit! so i guess not gonna work for me then

Abriael1448d ago

Different apparently. You get it by the 17th.

bouzebbal1448d ago

i wont change that 20th anniversary for anything. the PSone boot up sound is priceless.

CocoWolfie1448d ago

:( aw i was excited for the theme. yeno we didnt even get to enter the offical competition thing with the lycan statue, sigh ;-;

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souldestroyer141448d ago

I don't like the idea of paying for themes.. Just add more customization features

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LightDiego1448d ago

Thanks for the info Abriael! Can i call you Abe?

bigodon1448d ago

a hard day for those who hate stuff without get noticed

TheFutureIsBlue1448d ago

Cool. Learned a little more about the games backstory too :D