Capcom's Sales Drop but Profits Improve Due to Digital Download; Solid Financial Results Posted

At the closure of the Tokyo Stock Market Capcom posted its financial results for the first nine month of the fiscal year until December 31st.

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WeirdShroom1356d ago ShowReplies(1)
GokuSolosAll1356d ago

Maybe they'll give us what we want now, like Mega Man.

3-4-51356d ago

Obviously shows where Capcom's head is at.

They have become a digital games company....

ShaunCameron1356d ago

Maybe if more people have bought MM10, they would consider the idea.

Cam9771356d ago

"Due to digital download"
Yeah because they charge ripoff prices for HD remasters!

iplay1up21356d ago

Resident Evil Revelations was on sale for $16.99 on eshop. They do have decent digital sales sometimes. You have to watch for them.

recto851356d ago

Good news! Crapcom is going down. Nintendo pls buy them, fire everyone except programmers and graphic designers.
Easy win!

meganick1356d ago

I hope this once-great company can turn itself around. They used to be synonymous with quality. Now they're a joke.