5 Hotly Anticipated Games That Seems to Flop

GameRibs: With the adverts now starting to appear everywhere and the pre-orders for the biggest titles being taken, expectation is through the roof for what’s coming to consoles. No matter how well they test, no matter how much time they invest and no matter how much money they spend, some studios are setting themselves up for a fall. Here is the list of 5 Hotly Predicted Games That destined to flop in 2015.

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Stupid1448d ago

Battlefield Hardliner and Order 1886 seems to flop

Septic1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Hardline had a beta so we can judge its shortcomings in more depth.

But The Order had one tiny demo and everyone's jumped on the bandwagon that it will be a linear QTE fest. Its not just fair in terms of the kind of critique its receiving compared to the size of the demo.

Being critical is one thing. Jumping to conclusions is another.

Just look at the author's justification for some of these titles that 'seem to flop':

"The surprising success of 2013’s Tomb Raider’s creates a big problem for its forthcoming sequel, as there’s almost no way the developers can follow it up. "

Is the author really suggesting that the last Tomb Raider game was so good that its nigh on impossible to better it? Come on...

"The Order has the potential to become a major franchise in the next generation of consoles, however sacrificing level design and game mechanics in favour of making it look good is a mistake few games ever recover from."

I agree that focusing on visuals over gameplay never ends well but what's wrong with the level design? I've seen some really cool looking set-pieces. It reminds of me of Gears of War minus the bad acting and a more appealing story.

CuddlyREDRUM1448d ago

Judging gameplay the developer provides and jumping to conclusions are different things.

radler1448d ago


When has a demo ever not been a good representation of a game, though? I can't think of one single game that had a bad demo and somehow turned out to be much better when it launched.

By all accounts, I'd say that gameplay demos are actually the best way to judge a game, and let's not forget that these demos are always picked as being the best that the games have to offer. They're a form of advertisement used to promote the game and get people excited, which is why they always choose some of the best parts that the game has to offer, rather than the worst.

I feel that a lot of the time, developers and publishers rely on the whole, "It's just an alpha/beta/demo" disclaimer as a get out of jail free card to save them from any criticism when people actually get their hands on the game and say, "This isn't good."

Septic1448d ago

Yeah but radler, the difference here is, it wasn't even a dem, just a small taster. People have drawn conclusions that the whole game is a QTE fest. Some decent level design will alleviate the problem.

BudokaiGamer1448d ago

For me, when they showed it off I wasn't interested. I'm still not. Doesn't mean it won't be a "good" game, at least for some people. I just don't think I would enjoy it.

PlayableGamez1448d ago

Gears of War was famous for it's multiplayer not campaign.

VforVideogames1448d ago

You have to jump to a conclusion in order to be critical.

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JasonKCK1448d ago

How is it even possible to determine something is a flop that has yet to be released?

Ballsack1448d ago


thank fu** you actually said it,the only one out of the first few comments to speak some some common sense ...straight to the point.

ZombieKiller1448d ago

With all the BS game journalism out there and a title like
"5 Hotly Anticipated Games That Seems to Flop" and a picture of The Arkham Knight next to it says alot about the author.

On top of that this "journalist" is calling games a flop before they hit shelves? yeeaaaaahhhhh no hit from me.

Rimeskeem1448d ago

What's again hating on the level design and mechanics even thought they haven't even played the full game yet

Roccetarius1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

There's something called experience with gaming. You should try it when you get a chance, because it's not hard to notice faults as a vet.

Septic1448d ago

But as a vet, you will know that limited exposure of one segment of the game hardly dictates what the rest of the game will be like. No matter how much experience you have, it doesn't preclude The Order from throwing a few surprises as well as some well designed set-pieces your way that enhance the gameplay by virtue of tight combat mechanics .

InTheLab1448d ago

Love how people are pretendin that watching videos and reading articles isn't enough to form an opinion on a game yet to release. These are the same people that will bash Colonial Marines having never played it, or calling the Next Zelda Goty without playing it.

Uc4 looks amazing. It's game play looks just as good as its graphics.

The Order looks like a boring Qte fest and Ready at Dawn is to blame. Let's see some of the cool and interesting features the game has, because the demo they beat into the ground was awful.

Surely you can see the difference in quality from these two games right?

Septic1448d ago


UC4 looks great yeah but The Order, not looking 'as good' as UC4 does't make it a bad game. It looks fun. Its not a QTE fest from what I've seen. It has a solid third person shooter mechanic from observation and some of the weapon design is really cool. Compound that with a good story and its superior visuals and it could be a hit.

People seem intent on this failing (just like Ryse). I think this will deliver a solid experience.

Rimeskeem1448d ago

17 and I have owned a Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, DS, Wii, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP and PC

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No_Limit1448d ago

I agreed with #1 but not #2 and #3. They is no way Arkham Knight and Tomb Raider will be flops.

Septic1448d ago

Why will The Order be a flop and not Tomb Raider? Have you seen some gameplay of the latest title?

MasterCornholio1448d ago

Here's an easy answer to that question.

Because The Order is a PS4 exclusive and Tombraider is an XB1 exclusive.

That's why he's saying that because he obviously a huge fan of Xbox.

Anyways I can't say anything about Tomb Raider because we really haven't seen anything yet. But it could flop just the same. Especially if people compare it to Uncharted 4.

As for The Order. Well due to the recent hate campaign I believe the title will receive mixed reviews since a lot of the press already made up their minds about the game. On the one hand some will praise it to be great and on the other hand others will claim that its an epic piece of crap. In my opinion it does look like it will be a good game but I'm not expecting anything on the level of Uncharted 2 if you know what I mean.

No_Limit1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Both Arkham knight and Rise of the Tomb Raider are known quality franchises and the last games by both, Arkham city by Rocksteady in 2011 and Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamic were both Action GOTY material. SO no doubt both games will be great IMO.

The order on the other hand is an unknown new IP that is made by a developer more known on the Vita side and made ports. This is their real first attempt at a large budget game and so far the previews are mostly mixed so no doubt in my mind that it has the most potential for a flop than the other 2 games. Hope I am wrong though but I just have this Ryse, Too Human, and Lair feelings about it.

@Mastercorn, dude please! Quit accusing me of hating on the Order because it is on PS4. If you check my comment history, you know I have my fair share of doubts and hate about Ryse as well and I constantly gives praise to MLB 15, Bloodborne, No Man's Sky, and Uncharted 4.

For example, I said this a few days ago:
No_Limit  + &# 160; 5d ago
"I currently have Bloodborne, MKX, Witcher 3 and MLB pre order for my PS4 in the next couple of months because I know those games have zero chance in sucking."

Omran1448d ago

so I can say Quantem Break will be flop because it's New IP lol at the double standard here ! grew up dude and stop hating on a game that you didn't even play it or at least play the first part of it .

Septic1448d ago

"so I can say Quantum Break will be flop because it's New IP"

No you can't. Its a new IP from a WELL ESTABLISHED studio that has worked on more than just handhelds and ports. I don't see any double standards with regard to that.

Omran1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I'm not saying the game will sucks, also Ready At Dawn are very good developers because some of them were on blizzard and naughty dog so I can say the same thing

how he decide and say the game will flop there is some double standard going on ! also ready at dawn worked on god of war on the PSP and it was so damn good so they are well known yeah not much as much remedy but they are good developers and what did they achieve with the order 1886 is very impressive and we can finally decide if it's will be flop or not on 20th of feb not now .

Septic1448d ago

Yeah I agree; its a double standard to say that the game will flop. That doesn't make sense to me either. I think the hate legacy carrying over the whole QTE fiasco with Ryse is working its way here. With Ryse it was justified though in the end. I hope the same isn't true with The Order.

Septic1448d ago

Ah fair play. I still think its too early to determine what a flop is. Some people may have set their sights too high with this, expecting more than a TPS. The biggest omission is the lack of MP but not many people are talking about that though.

I'll just wait and see. Personally, I've been impressed with what I've seen so far. My only real worry is the issue of longevity with this.

WitWolfy1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

I think a lot of games will end up being just that.. Another overly hyped game in the end... nothing more.. probably a lot less...


TheJacksonRGN1448d ago

Do you know what a flop is? That is something that sells poorly or less than predicted. Watch Dogs sold extremely well. It is not a flop.

WitWolfy1448d ago

It is a flop. I dont know one person who ever gave it GOTY in their own opinion, or who had anything good to say about it... It just felt average compared to the in your face advertisements we all saw.

OrangePowerz1448d ago

I enjoyed it.

As much crap as Ubisoft gets and in some cases deserves (Watch Dogs graphics downgrade, bugy Unity and so on) it was still a solid game considering it's a new IP.

Assassin's Creed also had very unfavourable criticism when it came out. They learned from it and made AC2. You make a solid first game look at the feedback and if you learn from it make a second game that's amazing.

OrangePowerz1448d ago

While Watch Dogs wasn't what a lot of gamers believed it would be it wasn't a bad game.


Firstly trying to read articles on sites like the one this is on is made all the more difficult thanks to all the adverts invading the text.

Secondly not one of these will be flops. Battlefield, Call of Duty, Tomb Raider and The Batman Arkham series are too big to "flop". As for the Order 1866, its getting a lot of flack before its even released. Sure it may not meet some peoples lofty expectations but I'll reserve my judgement until I get to play the full game.

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