Top 8 PS-Vita Games You Must Play

PlayStation Vita is the ideal device for gaming lifestyle. Two years ago PS Vita was in tight situation, but things have improved since then with the introduction of a new model, the Vita Slim, a thinner and lighter take on the original hardware. As the PlayStation Vita approached its third anniversary, it’s time to look on the some of the best video games, it had offered.

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MultiConsoleGamer1354d ago

Pretty good list. I agree with all the choices.

bouzebbal1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Where are Killzone, LBP, WipEout and Sly?
I think this console is so underrated. People prefer to buy a 500$ console to play the same game every year.
I also like the Vita for the PSone and some great indies on the go (suikoden 2 <3 ). I don't like Sony's new vision of it and the fact that not many AAAs are announced, but i dont think it's all Sony's fault because it's a risky platform due to lack of support from "gamers" in first place.

PoSTedUP1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

great comment. but i mainly replied to say you have great taste in Wipeout crafts! :)

oh and i also think vita has the best wipeout. it has a rubberbanding effect to it that others dont that keeps the battle around you the whole time. arguably less competitive (single player) but way more fun and hectic than any other one in the franchise.

OB1Biker1354d ago

Agreed. It works both ways, to have more supports it needs more sells and too many vocal 'gamers' just keep bitching about it while it s really worth it and has hundreds of games to start with

NovusTerminus1354d ago

I would add Freedom Wars to that list, but a very good list!

WildArmed1353d ago

Agreed, between Freedom wars and P4G my vita gets to play nothing else XD

JoeReno1354d ago

uncharted, tearaway, and gravity rush are the only games on the list that I have played. I guess I have some vita catching up to do, but I would also add unit 13 to that list.

danowat1354d ago

Dragons Crown is a cracking little game.

garos821354d ago

currently playing dragons crown and it is pretty sweet.
recently finished gravity rush : a few flaws here and there but an otherwise great title nonetheless.

i need to pic up persona as i haven't played a persona game ever and i hear nothing but the best about it.

i would definitely add 2 more titles to that list and make it a top 10 list : Killzone and LBP both are probably the best games of the their franchise. Killzone was a great surprise of how amazing it plays/ looks and LBP takes all the best aspects of the series and and then adds some of the best platforming on a mobile device in ages

PoSTedUP1354d ago

"both are probably the best games of their franchise"

without a doubt. KZmercs is my fps of choice. think: KZ2; but smooth, fluent and freakishly balanced.

even when im in my "reading books zone" i still have the urge to pick it up and play a few matches. a KZ dream come true (the game actually being better than the book).

and whats there bad to say about LBP? absolutely nothing, it's LBP2 on crack with easy-to-use and fun-as-hell touch control implementation.

yeah, you need to play Person4 golden. shame you just missed the $15 sale for it. it goes on salea lot tho so no worries.

garos821354d ago

it will happen eventually. Once i get the time and money Persona will be mine :)

lex-10201353d ago

I loved Gravity Rush. To this date it's still my favorite Vita game. My only real problem with it was the aiming mechanic making it hard to hit enemies at times. But I loved the concept of "you're not flying,you're just falling in a different direction."

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The story is too old to be commented.