5 Reasons Metroid Prime was up against the odds, before it blew us all away

MMGN: Metroid Prime is one of the best games ever released, and 13 years later, it still holds up as one of Nintendo’s best.

But in 2001, it was best described as a third person maybe puzzle-shooter, from the developer who almost brought you an NFL game, but it was cancelled — put that on the box.

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higgins781354d ago

Simply put, a masterpiece. Super Mario Kart, SMW, Mario 64, Ocarina, Resident Evil 4...this game (Prime) deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as these classics. Even more incredibly, taking an establish and much loved 2D title and moving it into a 3D space while losing nothing in transition. Man, what I would have given to see any Sony or Microsoft title perform the same feat...

miyamoto1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

*Taken from my last comment:

All I care about from Nintendo and Shigeru "Respect" Miyamoto is a next generation:
1) HD Super Metroid
2) HD Metroid Prime FPS game and
3) HD Zelda game (like the teaser from E3 2011 not the cartoonish one last year)
all in Full HD glory!

That is how you make your franchises relevant and mind blow everyone away!

Its been so so so so long!
There is something HUGELY wrong with Nintendo when its 2015 and there is not a single of these games in development!

Not even a hint of an HD remaster.

That is all worth getting a Wii U imho.

The rest of the kiddie stuff like Mario and Kirby are just he same recycled games from the 80's that needs to be laid to rest. That promise of hardcore games is nowhere to be seen in the horizon.

I don't think its really very hard to do for a $15 billion company with high quality in-house developers!

Nintendo is such a scrooge!

And yeah Nintendo fans will still defend this short sightedness or ignorance of their favourite company as they dig themselves down deeper into a never growing child's plaything pit.

Show your power Nintendo. Where is the Nintendo Power!?

higgins781353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Tripe! Sorry, but your whole basis on keeping things 'relevant' is HD this, HD that, remake this, remaster that. Also, did you just say games such as Mario and other staple Nintendo figures need to be "laid to rest"!? Yeah, smart thinking...NOT. None of this matters anyhow because of one thing you said..." hardcore games". WTF are "hardcore games" by definition? Please, tell me. Otherwise stop talking superlatives.

DryBoneKoopa851354d ago

I just picked up a complete copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy off of Ebay. Pretty stoked to jump back into this collection.

I remember 100%ing Metroid Prime and LOVING every second of the game. I only played a little of Metroid Prime 2 and never played Metroid Prime 3. As any one can see I have quite the weekend ahead of me when my Prime Trilogy shows up lol.

jcnba281354d ago

Enjoy, they're epic games!

TM3331353d ago

Nice! I played all of them, but never beat only the 2nd one. The first is still my favorite though. The immersion and sense of isolation on that planet. I've never quite experience another game that just brings that feeling back. The music, the visuals, the gameplay... Masterpiece!

JacketsNest1011353d ago

Prime 3 plays the best of all of them, it's easily the best game of the three.

Picnic1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Some of the reviews of Metroid Prime at the time contain some of the most beautifully written reviews I've ever read.
From a business and demand point of view, I might be wrong but I didn't feel that making a franchise of it could build on the original although, if Retro Studios enjoy making the series, I understand. I played a few minutes of Echoes and didn't want to continue because it wasn't what attracted me to the original Metroid Prime.

I didn't play earlier Metroid games because I like cute platformers and I only rarely like to play games set in space.
I saw Metroid Prime as like Banjo Kazooie in space clothing which is why I liked it. Backtracking is not always fun though and it's an intense game. Often the intensity of the music is what kept me playing through the same areas again without minding too much.

There've certainly been games since that I've enjoyed playing more but it was an epic game for the Gamecube to have. The desolate beauty of Phenandra Drifts' score and the haunting, sunken, crashed frigate are almost too depressing about the true state of that world- everything that doesn't want to kill you is dead.

Emme1354d ago

Prime evoked and still evokes a sense of wonder like only few other games.

swice1354d ago

I remember, it was described to us as being a first person adventure, and I remeber that explanation keeping us from freaking out about Metroid being an FPS. It was the first time I heard the term First Person Adventure, and it totally peaked my interest at the time.

Boy oh boy did Nintendo and Retro deliver....

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