BioWare Ought To Reevaluate Mass Effect 4

While Mass Effect 4 could be an interesting experience, it is a needless one, with the franchise going all Terminator on itself, by planning on giving us an installment that is not truly necessary, and that may cause the franchise to suffer.

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DarkOcelet1352d ago

The issue here is that the Mass Effect lore belongs to Shepard. Any other protagonist will not be received well. Just like MGS belongs to Snake or Splinter Cell belongs to Fisher. This is going to be a hard game to make. Hopefully the protagonist is half as good as Shepard and he better have badass companions. (Wrex and Garrus ftw!)

Paytaa1352d ago

Yeah I agree. No matter what Bioware does with the new protagonist, the fans of the series will always prefer Shepard. Mass Effect is arguably my favorite series of all time and it'll be hard for Bioware to recapture a similar experience with a new cast. Manly tears were shed when Shepard said his goodbyes to Garrus at the end of 3. They need to focus on characters and the story before any graphical show piece and or set-pieces.

joab7771352d ago

I disagree. I think the universe created is the real protagonist.

I believe that it would be amazing to go back into it as a character of our creation in a more open setting. You can choose different races, classes etc. Explore the different species backstories.

Imagine truely planet hopping. It could be brilliant, and after playing DA:I, I have faith.

Also, I hate to see it end like it did. And like Star Wars, the Mass Effect Universe is too big for just one guy (or gal), even if it was Sheppard.

linkenski1352d ago

Shepard from a writing stand point is not even well written neither was the overarching story of the Reapers in the end.

What made Mass Effect amazing was always the setting and of course the characters as well but the companions and romances much more so than Shepard himself.

I do agree with this article that with the ending of ME3 wrecking the setting itself by destroying the relays and potentially invalidating any diversity between machines and organics kills a lot of what makes the sci do setting unique.

mhunterjr1351d ago

I disagree. Mass effect is a massive universe... Like Star Wars. If they have a lore that spams generations, then people will surely understand that there is a new protagonist.

CorndogBurglar1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Not really.

The difference is that those characters you named are mainstay characters.

Shepard is ANYONE you want him to be. Not only that, but i think most would agree that Shepard wasn't the most interesting thing in the Mass Effect games. With all the different races and huge lore involved, they can easily bring in a new protagonist set further in the future after the Reaper incident.

The Mass Effect lore is centered on the history of the galaxy. Not Shepard.

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Jadenkorr0211352d ago

I guess im one of the few who DOESNT want shepard back. They created a huge universe. I want to see other peoples stories. I liked the ending to 3. I dont think the main character should always live. Theres an entire universe set up for more than just shepard. The only hting i'd like to see this time around is being able to play as a different race.

But i know im in the minority here.

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Lilrizky1352d ago

Yeah I agree. In fact, I believe mass effect is one of the only franchises that can be adapted for multiple genres. Because of that large universe. Stealth, action-adventure, moba, mmo, first person, turned based strategy, tactical rpg, arcade shooter, metroid vania, rts, even "pod racing" lol

dunkyson1352d ago

O shut up with your pointless article you Muppet the game hasn't even been announced and your already negative

Roccetarius1352d ago

The only one i'm replaying is the first game, so Shepard's story can take a hike for all i care. Once bitten, twice shy like the saying goes. ME3 opened my eyes and told me, that it was pointless to replay it for the journey. Mass Effect 1 is the beginning and the end for me.

Either way, maybe they can give people the choice for starting as a new race this time, instead of just human.

Trekster_Gamer1352d ago

As long as the story telling is great along with all that was awesome with the previous installments, count me in.

I do hope they look into elements of what no mans sky is doing. Less loading and more immersion whereas traveling to star systems and planets is concerned.

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