Pre-Load And Play The Battlefield Hardline Beta On Xbox One Now, New Gameplay Round-Up

MP1st - The beta for Visceral Games' cops vs. criminals shooter, Battlefield Hardline, now appears to be pre-loadable and playable on the Xbox One.

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venom061352d ago

Playing it now on XB1.. It's a blast to play so far..

Dudebro901352d ago

If you are playing it...then you aren't preloading it.

Revolt131352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

I don't see it yet :(

Nvm, searched "battlefield" and found it

Stiffler1352d ago

Downloading now so hopefully it's good. I'm definitely holding off from buying this one after the BF4, uhh, issues...

Are many of you guys interested in this issue of Battlefield or has the whole 'cops and robbers' theme turned you off of it? I'm still on the fence with there not being army/soldiers. Let me know what you think.

DarthJay1352d ago

Yeah this isn't a pre-load, you can play it right away:

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