How to Save SEGA in the West

With the recent announcement of a relocation for Sega America, causing 300 redundancies in the States, with “limited” redundancies also in the UK, it’s hard to think that the Western side of Sega is starting to fall off. It’s all down to the new focus on mobile and PC games on more digital platform, looking to abandon console releases altogether. Harsh (though deserved) reviews of titles like Sonic Boom and Alien Isolation, as well as a slow release schedule over the last 12 months, has made a rather large hole in Sega’s wallet.

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Nucler1001352d ago

Listen to feedback..

Seems like Sega is just doing their own thing, lost to what people REALLY want.

Magnus1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Sega should just merge all into one still amazing after all these years the different branches of Sega do what they want. That's what brought the downfall of the Saturn Sega of America was not listening to Sega of Japan. And also listen to the fans. If you ignore the fans the dollars won't be there like Yakuza and I don't know an HD remake of Shenmue or Shenmue 3 that's what fans want. I like Sonic still play it and I think the guy needs a vacation for a bit till Sega really rethinks how to utilize the little blue character. And I can see why Sega of Japan does well with arcades because they are still popular over there. I haven't seen an place to play arcades since I was a kid. Only place that would carry the arcade machines is movie theaters and Chuckie cheeses. You don't find many arcade machines sitting in the back of the corner store anymore.

Sega is a great company that made really great hardware which I own. And when they decided to go software only they hit a few speed bumps and then did well with their games. This is just another speed bump and I think they will do great. I wouldn't be sinking everything into PC and mobile only the consoles still have a great importance as well. PC has a huge user base and mobile games honestly are just a time killer or something to amuse children with. I play Tetris when I wait at the doctors then I am done I barely play the game on my phone. Personally if Sega of America did come up for sale I would want a company that bought it to keep the franchises as they are or improve upon them. Not just strip them down and screw the hell out of the Sega franchises. Or make the a quiet blip like Microsoft did to Rare.

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