A Huge Playstation Vita Announcement Might Be Coming Soon

A huge Playstation Vita announcement is expected for this month.

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crazychris41241406d ago

Vita is going to need more than a price drop if it wants to move units. Needs a huge game like MGS, GTA San Andreas Stories or a Last of Us spinoff to get people interested again. Im hoping for a new version of the Vita (not a new handheld, think PSP 1000 or 2000), one of those 3 games I listed and a price drop. If they can do this then we should see even more bigger games come to the system.

MasterCornholio1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

As much as I love my Vita I dont think there's a place for Vita 2 in the market.

Sony needs franchises that sell millions of units on the portable and they dont have any.

savaroth1405d ago

The current vita is still the best way to play handheld games imo. The vita doesn't really need a hardware upgrade. ( though I would love a TV out option )

What the vita really needs is new big titles.

bouzebbal1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

that's unfortunately out of the question. all Sony studios are shifted to PS4. With Sony claiming PS4 is easy to develop for they will have more time to focus on Vita by giving us some AAAs using the unique features of the vita.
Huge announcement? Price drop is the only thing i see, as well as memory cards dropping their prices to SD cards level. I cant believe those cards cost them more to produce than an SD card. it's a rip off.

Vita is like the Wii U. Has great games but as i said in another thread people prefer playing the same game every year rather than trying something fresh. If gamers dont support it, it's hard for Sony to keep investing in it. That's how a console dies, basically

SoapShoes1405d ago

It needs those games, huh... I don't think that'll change anyone's minds. Uncharted was on the system and it didn't win people in mass droves like it did with the PS3.

crazychris41241405d ago

Yes it does its the #1 complaint that it doesnt have big games for the Western audience. If the Vita can get some big games and lower the price of memory cards back down to Earth (#2 complaint) then ill probably buy one. $68 for 32gb is a scam. Sony sells a 32 gb Class 10 sd card for $15, vita i think is only class 4.

Sony really dropped the ball with the Vita. Such a shame because the PSP was so good I bought it twice. Still have my 1k and 3k with a bunch of great games

SoapShoes1405d ago

Vita had big western games at launch and shortly after, that really didn't convince the majority in 2012 did it? I think more big games certainly wouldn't hurt it but it just has a stigma now that it won't be able to shake off. I mean it has been getting lots of AAA games recently and people still say it has no AAA games, it's like they forget the past 6 months completely.

Articuno761405d ago

Just having the games alone won't do it, you need momentum with software releases/announcements. And that's something the Vita, with it's sporadic releases, hasn't really had. There's never been a point when the Vita felt like it had "arrived".

GokuSolosAll1405d ago

Hopefully redesigned Vita or Vita 2.

Tiqila1405d ago

Yeah, there might be a HUGE vita announcement. Also I might win the jackpot. Vita is awesome, but Sony hasn't shared a lot of love for it recently.

Hereiamhereibe21405d ago

20 bucks says the announcement is discontinued support.

Protagonist1405d ago

Just about as they are to release it in China along with the PS4?

Spotie1405d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

I'll take that bet.

IrisHeart1405d ago

Vita has plenty of games. Thing is a niche machine first and a remote play device second. Sony has abandoned it completely though, if it weren't for 3rd party RPG's and animu fighters thing would be completely dead though.

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