Grim Fandango Remastered Review – Back From the Dead (PSLS)

"Grim Fandango originally released in 1998 as a LucasArts graphic adventure game. It was an iconic page in gaming history that marked an era of tank-style controls, complex puzzles, and well written stories. The original game was loved critically, but was a commercial bomb, not selling very well, and causing LucasArts to discontinue production of adventure games. Despite this — or perhaps because of it — Grim Fandango became a cult classic, and has consistently found its way into conversation as one of the top defining games in history. But that’s all information that anyone could have found out on the internet, so why am I talking about Manny Calavera’s adventures in the Eighth Underworld now?" -PSLS

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dbjj120881445d ago

I've never played this, so I'll look forward to a sale.

WitWolfy1445d ago

Was actually hoping for a remake.. Not a remastered edition. Finished it last weekend. Such an nostalgic game....