9 Games Ready for Microsoft HoloLens Augmentation

The Microsoft HoloLens may be some way off, but here are some games out (or soon to be) that could strongly benefit from an augmented reality experience.

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christocolus1355d ago

A horror game like fatal frame would be awesome too.

Sonital1355d ago

I still think just watching horror films will be terrifying. First thing that comes to mind is The Ring...

Septic1355d ago

Ah lol, didn't even read your comment but you and I...on the same page. #thatwavelength

Sonital1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )


There's a lot you could do, even if just a tech demo:

Woman in black (she's standing in the corner)
The Shining (Jack Nicholson axing my door)
The grudge (Kid hiding under my table and the girl crawling on my ceiling)

On a more positive note, Porn could change forever..

Septic1355d ago

OH man. Like the ring...the chick coming out of the television. That game better come with a free pair of underwear

No_Limit1355d ago

If they include minecraft with the Hololens, we are talking about "Hot cakes" here. That is a killer combo.

Bigpappy1355d ago

Already confirmed. I believe M$ already said that they are working on it.

IcicleTrepan1354d ago

They didn't say it, they showed it in all of their HoloLens videos.

Immorals1355d ago

this technology screams mass effect!

BlackPhillip6661355d ago

Someone please tell me how Halo Mass effect etc will play i get games like total war mine craft etc in hololens i do i love the ideas behind that.

But I'm a xbone player aswell and surely people can see the limitations -_- Reach into those little heads off yours and make some reasonable decisions off how halo is gonna play on your coffee table.

Some these experiences need left alone tbh.

kevnb1354d ago

I'll just wait and see, Microsoft has a history of getting people all excited and then disappointing.