PlayStation Now Service Adds Uncharted 2, God of War II HD, And More

The February games line-up for PlayStation Now subscribers includes Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, God of War II HD, Red Faction: Armageddon, Galaga Legions DX, and Arcana Heart 3.

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98xpresent1407d ago

Now it's time for me to start my psnow subscription

UKmilitia1406d ago

and still not out in UK.(beta or final)
no beta no nothing,yet selling pstv for £100 which is £30/45 more than ins been in USA.

C-H-E-F1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Far as the PSNow service in the UK. The UK has a low install high user bandwidth and or minimum requirement bandwidth to use PSNow without having it relay the games "Stream" in bad quality. To control the quality of PSNow they are trying to lower the bandwidth requirements so you all can enjoy it. So it's not their fault that the UK internet sucks for the most part. Talk to your gov't officials about rewiring your country and upgrading your internet bandwidth if you want to be a society of the modern internet age.

As for PSTV price, idk why you all always cry soooo much over paying on stuff you all ALWAYS over pay on EVERYTHING. It's not like stuff used to be cheaper now they cost more. It's always been this way. Think of it as paying back for the sins of your father you know trying to rule the world a few hundred years ago.

pwnsause_returns1407d ago

It gets'll get used to the pain....of 20$ a month lol

pwnsause_returns1407d ago

I meant it in a good way XD, it gets better from here

Me-Time1406d ago

I don't agree or disagree. First of all, if you're a gamer that plays a ton of games, this subscription is a damn good deal. If you're new to PS, it's definitely a good deal, but the games are limited in some aspects. I sooo hate that. F1 2013 was stupid to play with a DS3 and you're not able to use peripherals using PS Now. That's really that main downside. The resolution degradation is another one, but one we should all be able to get over.

Seriously, if you have a job, live with your parents or have a PS3 and a TV, then 45 USD for three months should be considered to be very cheap. But, I think it should be 40 USD. That's just me.

Me-Time1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

This is one of those games where I'd have to buy the GOTY edition or simply have it in disc form. The visual quality amongst other things I'm not sure are missing from the PS Now version are the reasons for me not wanting to play it on this service. If you're somebody that just want's to play it, enjoy the story and so on, then I envy you.

I started playing Ico and would have played the three Sly Cooper games had I continued with the free trial then onto the paid subscription. I can't get the subscription now (not because of the price), but I would if I knew I would use it as much as I would like to with more free time.

No_Limit1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Shoot you can get both games used for like $3 at gamestop so ....this is pretty much pointless until more third party games are added. SONY first party is not enough to entice me to get PSNow for $20 a month when there are like only 1/2 dozen games that is worth playing still. Add some PS4 titles and more third party support. then we'll talk.

Blackleg-sanji1407d ago

$3 u say? At which GameStop is this

No_Limit1407d ago

Sorry I was a bit off with my "like" estimate

UC2 is $4.49

GOW Collection (1 and 2 in HD) for $6.29

Still, that is way cheap and you get to keep it and trade it back later when you feel like it.

PS Now is a no go until some PS4 games and a lot more third party AAA games are available. $20 is a lot of money per month for a selection that is still way limited and games that can be bought cheaply at stores at the bargain bin.

pwnsause_returns1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Let's pretend that uncharted is the only game that is available in this unlimited service /sarcasm

uptownsoul1407d ago

Actually UC2 is $5 at gamestop (unless they're talking GOTY edition which is still $30) And did I read you say "Add some PS4 titles"…Why would SONY add PS4 titles to PS Now when they're tying to sell PS4 consoles?

Please troll, go away

Majin-vegeta1407d ago

Just bubble him down and move on.

I pay $60 a month for my cell bill.Paying $20 a month for unlimited games is pretty much a no brainer for me.

No_Limit1407d ago

LOL, bubble me down for what? Having my own opinion of why PS Now is still not worth it for me as a PS4 owner that had pretty much owned and played all the PS3 titles that I wanted?

So that is how members that don't kneel down and ask "how high" when a certain company is telling us to jump have so little bubbles compared to the true worshippers. LOL, make sense now.

Blackleg-sanji1407d ago

Yea but by buying those to games that's half the sub price right there for the month( tho i agree once more third party and ps 1 and 2 games start coming I'd like anybody to try and argue that price isn't justified

Me-Time1406d ago

True, but it's not all about a select few games that you'll get to play. The PS Now catalogue let me find out about a lot of games I would have otherwise overlooked or not cared enough to read up on. It's a smart and considerate move by Sony. Hopefully there's a yearly subscription that'll end up costing at most 10 USD a month.

vongruetz1406d ago

So you can buy two games used in which the original developer doesn't see a dime? Why not just pirate the game and save your $3?

txboy051406d ago

What about the other hundred games in PS Now ? Oh and who would subscribe just for two games anyway...PS Now is awesome I play XCOM, Street Fighter, UC, Red Faction and Virtual Fighter daily

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crazychris41241407d ago

Red Faction Armageddon had some cool features and weapons but it was a massive disappointment, just play Guerrilla which is 1000x better.

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