Origin Servers Down for Many Players, Here's a Possible Fix

Looks like there are some issues with the Origin servers. Likely caused by Battlefield: Hardline. Some players are finding a way to get around the problems though.

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rxl2091357d ago

i thought pc never went down like psn and xbox live? HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

SteamPowered1357d ago

PC is the broadest possible term you could bring up to troll.
Are you concerned with Origins, Uplay, Steam? What free Pc service are you upset about?

3-4-51357d ago

Can play other games though rx..nice try

ChrisW1357d ago

Steam is hardly ever down. And when it is, it's normally not because of some stupid Squad DDOSing the servers...

22CobraKing1357d ago

It because you pc guys overload the internet by watching po*n because you can't get none hahaha!