Visceral Games Reveals Why You'll Want to Play Non-Lethally in Battlefield Hardline

Visceral Games is heading up a project that is seeking to redefine what a Battlefield game can be. Stepping away from some of the more conventional things we see from the series, Battlefield Hardline is taking aim at an entirely new way of experiencing and playing Battlefield.

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Codewow1406d ago

While a good attempt. I don't see these options being used for too long.

Rimeskeem1406d ago

For interrogations of course

RobAlmighty1406d ago

I laugh at this... "so what we did was we dug into [the question of] how would a law enforcement agent behave? We looked at a lot of movies, books and TV"

Thats like me saying, we wanted to know how it was to train dogs, so we watched Air Bud. Hopefully they at least did some consulting with real law enforcement...