Stunning New Project CARS Screenshots Give Driveclub a Run for its Money

Bandai Namco have just released five new Project CARS screenshots and boy are they beautiful.

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Cindy-rella1406d ago

powerful pc rendered photos looks better than console game. I dont believe it

hay1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

I don't get the pCARS-DC fanbase animosity "journalists" are leeching hits from. Driveclub is basically Motorstorm: Motorsports, sweet looking, fast paced, fun arcade racer trying to cater to the Need for Speed or Burnout's millions of fans. Project CARS on the other hand is basically Gran Turismo: Horizon, sweet looking, fast paced, fun simcade racer trying to cater to the Gran Turismo or Forza's millions of fans.
It's like pitting ARMA 3 with Team Fortress 2.

Edit: Actually... In the first screenie they have put so much anti-aliasing it's creating arifacts and makes texture job stand out as blurry :D Much Pro.

Clunkyd1406d ago

Yet, DC still beats all these screenshots.

Its attention to detail what makes something the best and DriveClub does that.

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No_Limit1406d ago

Don't worry, in about an hour, Dualshockers will have another "glorious 1080p screenshots" article of Driveclub in response to this article. LOL


That is the point of showing it on an Ultra spec PC is to display the graphics at the best possible settings just like any PC games before it. Your point is like saying why not show Driveclub on a PS3 hardware instead of the PS4?

Vegamyster1406d ago

I can see it now...

New Driveclub screen shots show glorious breathtaking photorealistic spectacular 1080p screenshots - "Wow" -

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Speak_da_Truth1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

And once Dualshocker's posts that 1080p screenshot showing Dc's amazing visuals It kills you inside doesn't it? seeing as you've been grasping at any chance to bring this topic up haven't you. You really have No Limit. And you know the only platform Driveclub is on is the Ps4 right?

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level 3601406d ago

DriveClub really was a revelation after all the improvements and am still enjoying every bit of it.

Am sure I'll have the same gaming experience with Project CARS when it releases next month.

And the thought of being able to use VR-goggles ( Project Morpheus) sometime in the near future with Project CARS just makes my mouth water.

GNCFLYER1406d ago

Thank you, this is quite a nice compliment to driveclub and the power of PS4.

Project cars didn't get compared to "other" racing games, it got compared to driveclub, the best looking racing game on any platform.

Kiwi661406d ago

Maybe they are compared because they are both circuit based racers

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